In 2017, Indonesian marketing expert Hermawan Kertajaya introduced a new approach to Marketing 4.0. This is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions between companies and customers. In general, Marketing 4.0 can be understood like that. In the era of the digital economy, digital interaction alone is not enough. In fact, even as the online world is growing, the offline touch is becoming a strong point of differentiation.

Apart from combining online and offline, Marketing 4.0 also integrates style and substance. That is, the brand does not only store good branding, but also content that is relevant to customers or presents good content with up-to-date and beautiful packaging. Websites, Social media are marketing tools that are currently a trend that business actors should be able to take full advantage of now.

Matob Creative Studio is here to try to help fellow entrepreneurs seize this opportunity. Matob is a graphic design studio, website creation services and digital marketing based in Sleman, DI Yogyakarta. Our mission is to help businesses have websites and social media that are neatly formatted as digital faces and offices in today’s virtual world. Let’s collaborate!