Big Data Certification: Mastering Data Science

Professional figures in the field of big data are sought after by companies because they can encourage businesses to carry out data transparency which can increase work efficiency.

Using automated algorithms, big data can support the performance of business decision-making with more detailed results, according to field conditions, and more excellent data coverage.

This encourages businesses to create innovative products, services, and other opportunities.

Not surprisingly, many digital talents are starting to be interested in pursuing careers in this field and are looking for extensive data certifications that can support their careers.

What is Big Data Certification?

Big data certification is a professional certification in the field of big data that can validate the competence of a professional.

The role of this certificate is quite essential for both individuals and organizations to ensure someone’s competence has been obtained through learning, training, and work experience.

Of course, big data certification is not given by just any institution because it must be carried out systematically and objectively through competency tests related to professions or skills that refer to national and international work competency standards or other exceptional standards.

There are many reasons an individual wantwants a professional certificate, including to increase personal achievement, increase in salary or status, promotion, and career development.

However, digital talent generally wants credible professional certification to show a commitment to master the skills and knowledge according to the field of the profession they are involved in.

Why do We Need Certification?

Edureka said that having a certification is the best way to validate the skills possessed by a data scientist. So, for those of you who want to become a reliable data scientist, you need to get this certification first.

That way you can easily prove your abilities so that the opportunity to get a better job is wide open.

In addition, Indeed also mentions that having a certification can also convince recruiters if you have a great desire to continue to develop the skills you have.

1. SAS® Certified Data Scientist

To get certified from SAS participants are required to have basic experience of SAS programming. In addition, experience in using SQL and understanding statistics and mathematics is also required.

This certification is also called quite different from other types of certification because the SAS Academy for Data science includes three programs, include:

There are several benefits that can be obtained by following this certification, some of which are:

  • learn hands-on using SAS, R, Python, Pig, Hive, and Hadoop
  • opportunity to do a case study
  • certification has been recognized globally

2. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program

Participants who take part in this certification for data scientists will gain complete knowledge about big data and data analysis.

In fact, by holding this certification from Dell Technologies you will be considered a professional data scientist because it is recognized worldwide.

If you want to take this certification exam, there are several requirements that must be considered by prospective participants. The following include:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Electronics and Electrical or other related fields.
  • Pass the DEA-7TT2 Associate exam and Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2 Exam.

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

This certification for the data scientist profession is quite interesting because there are no special requirements. Entrants only have to pass the DP-100 exam.

In this certification program from Microsoft, participants will be measured for their ability to complete several technical tasks.

For example, setting up an Azure Machine Learning workspace to running experiments and model management.

This certification is perfect for those of you who want to become a data scientist who is skilled in using machine learning on the Azure Cloud Platform.

4. Google Data Analytics Professional

Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate is a flexible online learning program that provides a comprehensive introduction to data analysis within 6 months.

Specifically designed for beginners with no prior experience, this course teaches how to clean, visualize, and analyze data along with how to use spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming.

This course is also flexible, you can study at your own pace.

The course fee that you have to prepare is $39 per month or around 600 thousand rupiah per month by subscribing to Coursera.

You can see more about this program on the course page on Coursera.

5. Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization

Johns Hopkins University offers this program, an online learning program on the Coursera platform with a self-study system.

This lesson covers the concepts and tools you need in data science, from asking relevant questions to drawing conclusions and publishing the results of data analysis.

In the final project, you will apply the skills learned by building data products using data obtained from the real world.

This program is taught by Jeff Leek, PhD., Brian Caffo, PhD., and Roger D. Peng, PhD., professor and associate professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

6. AWS Specialty Certification

The AWS cloud platform offers a variety of certification programs that you can take.

One of them is AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty. This certification helps businesses identify and develop talent with essential skills to implement cloud initiatives, from building, training, managing, and deploying machine learning (ML) models on AWS.

This certification is worth 300 USD to take one certification exam. However, you can get free official AWS Certified practice question sets on the AWS website.

7. The DASCA Big Data Analytics Certification

The DASCA Big Data Analytics Certification is an internationally top-billed credential for today’s market researchers, business graduates, and marketers looking to enter or accelerate their growth in the highly lucrative Big Data Analytics profession.

DASCA offers two levels of global certification programs in this track:

The Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA™) credential sharply targets students graduating with a major in business, management, economics, statistics, or a related discipline and planning an analytics career in the Big Data space.

The Senior Big Data Analyst (SBDA™) Credential is designed for experienced analytics, marketing, and research professionals intending to move into the Big Data space or those already in the Big Data stream. It wishes to grow more quickly in their careers.

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