2+ How to Download Play Store Deleted APK + How to Install (FREE)

The Google Play Store on your phone was suddenly lost or accidentally deleted? Wondering what you need to do to get back again? Don’t worry if your Google Play Store application suddenly disappears or is deleted because the way to reinstall it is very easy. Yup, this article is the answer to your problem.

As we know that Google Play Store is one of the default applications of the Android OS that is very important. Apart from being an “official” place to download Android applications, Google Play Store also has an important role related to the system on your Android phone.

So if this app is lost or deleted from your phone, then it is very risky and it could be that the system and some other apps related to Google Play Store will be problematic and not run normally.

How to Download Play Store for Android

As I have said before that Google Play Store has a very important role for your android phone.

Well, if this application is lost or deleted, then you need to download and reinstall it on your Android phone. The question is, how to download Play Store for your android? Check out the steps on how to download lost/deleted play store apps below:

1. Setting HP to Install APK Files

1. First of all you need to enter the menu Settings.

How to Download Google Play Store

2. Next select Security.

How to Download Google Play Store for Android

3. Scroll down a bit then tick the section Unknown sources (as I marked the red box).

How to Download Play Store for Free and Latest

2. Download Google Play Store APK File

4. Next step, click The following link to download Google Play Store apk file. Once the download page opens, click the Download Now as I marked the red box.

5. Wait for the download process to finish. If so, open the APK file that you just downloaded earlier.

How to Download Play Store for Free

6. Click Install to start installing the Play Store app on your phone. Wait for the installation process to complete.

How to Download Play Store App

7. Play Store application has been successfully installed on your phone. Next click Oven to start using it.

Download Google Play Store App

8. Taddaa, here’s the look of the Play Store application that you just installed.

how to download Play Store

That’s how to download the lost/uninstalled Play Store for your android. My advice, keep your Android phone out of reach of small children, because maybe they will tamper with your phone and accidentally delete your Google Play Store application. Well, hopefully this article about the guide on how to download the Play Store is useful and easy to understand. Thanks for reading!

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