5+ Ways to Download Youtube Videos Without Application (100% Work)

This tutorial will discuss how to download videos on youtube quickly, both for Android and your laptop / computer, even the first way without an application.

As we know that Youtube is a video sharing site that is currently skyrocketing in popularity. With this Youtube, we can watch, upload and even download various kinds of videos that are there.

Many people want to download the videos they watch on Youtube. However, some of them still can’t how to download videos on Youtube.

How to Download Videos on Youtube Without Application

I will share 2 main discussions, namely about how to download youtube videos on HP (first discussion) and how to download videos on youtube via Laptop / PC (second discussion).

A. How to Download Youtube Videos on HP

1. Using an Online Downloader

Downloading youtube videos with the help of online tools is also often used by Android users.

With the help of this online tool, users can easily convert YouTube videos into video format or MP3 format, where you can play them directly through your cellphone. You can see more below:

  1. Open the youtube video you want to download then select the Share.How to Download YouTube Videos Without Application
  2. After that, several options will appear as follows. Just select Copy link to copy the URL of the video.How to Download YouTube Videos to HP Gallery
  3. After that open the online tool named y2mate.com through a browser (it can be Google Chrome or something else). It looks more or less like the picture below. Next you paste youtube video url or link that was copied earlier.How to Download YouTube Videos on Android 3
  4. A video resolution option will appear that you can choose. The greater the resolution, the clearer the video quality. After that select Download.How to Download YouTube Videos Online
  5. Wait for the converting process to complete.How to Download YouTube Videos on Android 5
  6. Finally, select Download .mp4.How to Download YouTube Videos on Android 6
  7. Wait for the video download process to complete. After that, you can check the cellphone gallery to see the successfully downloaded youtube video.How to Download YouTube Videos on Android 7

2. Add SS to URL

This second method is very popular with many Android users because it is very easy, we simply add SS to the url of the youtube video that we want to download.

Here are the steps on how to download youtube videos on android without an application by adding ss:

  1. Open a browser (use Google Chrome browser only) and visit the site Youtube.com. Open the youtube video you want then click the video link as boxed in red.Add SS to URL 1
  2. After that, add ss to the video link, for example from m.youtube.com/watch?….. become m.ssyoutube.com/watch?…. then click the Enter (arrows on the keyboard). Make sure you add it correctly, yes, later if the error is wrong.Add SS to URL 2
  3. Wait a few seconds, you will be redirected to the download page. Click the Download to download the video.Add SS to URL 3
  4. If you want to download at a different resolution, click the down arrow button and select the resolution you want. Then click the Download to download the video.Add SS to URL 4
  5. Wait until the downloading process is complete.How to Download Videos on Youtube without app

3. Using the TubeMate App

This third method requires the help of applications that you need to install on your cellphone. There are many youtube downloader applications that you can use.

But the one I recommend the most is TubeMate Youtube Downloader. This application is not downloaded on the Play Store, therefore you need to install it manually.

B. How to Download Youtube Videos on Laptop / PC

1. Add SS to URL

The first way you can try is to add ss to the URL of the Youtube video you want to download.

Actually this method is the same as we enter the Youtube video url on the online video downloader site. Not only applies to youtube videos, online video downloader sites can also be used to download Facebook videos and Instagram videos.

2. Using Add-ons/ Extentions

Add-ons or extensions are additional tools in the browser that have certain functions. There are several add-ons that we can use to download videos on youtube, one of which is Easy Youtube Video Downloader.

  1. First add the Easy Youtube Video Downloader add-ons to your browser. For Mozilla click Here, and for Opera click Here.
  2. Click Add to Firefox to add the add-on.Click Add to Firefox
  3. The browser will start downloading the add-ons, then click install to add them.Click Install to add it
  4. If the add-ons are installed properly, please open the video you want to download.
  5. Click the Download As Under Video Channel, then select the video format you want.Select Download US
  6. Choose Save File, and then select OK to start downloading the video.How to Download YouTube Videos Quickly

There are many add-ons that we can use to download Youtube videos, but my choice fell on Easy Youtube Video Downloader because it is simple and easy to use.

For Opera users, if you have added these add-ons, restart your Opera by closing all tabs or clicking the X in the top-right corner of the browser window, then reopen your Opera browser.

Unfortunately for Chrome users can not use add-ons / extensions (although available in the Chrome Web Store) to download Youtube videos because Chrome prohibits it.

3. Using Software

The last way we can use to download videos from youtube is to use software. The software or application that we will use is Free Youtube Download and Internet Download Manager (IDM).

A. Free Youtube Download

I tend to prefer using an app called Free Youtube Download created by DVDVideoSoft. With a user-friendly interface, this application is very easy to use even if you are a beginner.

Not only that, this application can also be downloaded for free. Immediately, the steps to use Free Youtube Download to download youtube videos you can see below:

1. First of all you need to download the application. Download link here (Free Youtube Download). If so, please install the application as usual.

2. After that, open the youtube video you want to download. Copy link The video is as you can see in the picture below.Free Youtube Download 1

3. Open the Free Youtube Download application then click the Paste located in the left corner of the app.Free Youtube Download 2

4. Wait a few seconds, the youtube video you want is ready to download. After that click the Download.Free Youtube Download 3

5. If you get a popup as shown below, please select Continue (Free user).How to Download YouTube Videos on Hp

6. The downloading process takes place. The length of this process depends on the size and resolution of the video you want to download (wait until 100%).How to Download YouTube Videos

7. Taddaa! The video has been successfully downloaded. To open a video you’ve downloaded, click the Folder.Free Youtube Download 6

B. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Another alternative that you can use is Internet Download Manager or IDM. As we know that IDM is a downloader software that has mushroomed among users internet. Instead of bothering to download other software, it’s better to use IDM instead.

1. First install IDM first. To install it, please read article here.

2. Open the Youtube video you want to download.

3. Click the Download this video located in the top-right corner of the video.click the Download this video button

4. Select the video format you want, then select Start Download to download the video.How to Download YouTube Videos

I don’t limit you to using IDM only to download videos from Youtube. You can also use other software such as: YTD Video Downloader, Freemake Video Converter and so on.

5 Most Watched Video Types on Youtube

There are several types of videos that are widely watched by Youtube users and not a few users who decide to download the video so that it can be played in the cellphone gallery. Here are the types of videos that are most watched on Youtube

1. Horror Videos

Do you know what types of videos are now most in demand by YouTube citizens? The first position was achieved by a horror-type video. This type of video can make youtube views skyrocket. Not infrequently videos with horror content are often ranked in the top 10 trending and even become number one.

Maybe you know or have watched a paranormal experience video from a very famous YouTuber, Raditya Dika. Videos that tell about someone’s horror experience at that time are often viral and trending in the realm of YouTube, even in less than a day has received views of up to a million.

This indicates that horror-type videos are in great demand by YouTube residents. Maybe you also know another YouTuber who has horror-type content, namely Jurnal Risa. Not infrequently also risa journal horror content also often appears on trending one youtube. This proves that horror content is very popular and in demand by YouTube residents.

2. Music Videos and Song Covers

Speaking of music, Youtube is a subscription platform for millions of YouTube citizens to watch video clips from their favorite singers or bands.

In today’s all-digital era, singers or bands prefer to release songs or video clips on YouTube. Because it will make it easier for fans to watch it and also definitely more profitable for singers or other bands.

But in addition to video clips from singers, music content in the form of song covers has also become very popular and in demand by YouTube residents. Whether it’s the video content by performing certain musical instruments, or the musical arrangement is changed from the original song or there are also some lyrics that have been changed. It is undeniable that lately song cover videos have dominated YouTube trending. So this proves that music videos and song covers are in great demand.

3. Video Blog (VLOG)

Vlogs and blogs are similar things but not the same. Blog is a story or event that is written in the form of writing. While Vlog is a story or daily event that is delivered in the form of a more interesting video.

Video content in the form of Vlogs or daily vlogs is very popular and in demand by YouTube residents. Not infrequently also daily vlog content is trending on YouTube. Public figures also took part in taking the opportunity as this YouTuber.

Many of them started their careers as YouTubers by creating daily vlog content. Because they have a very interesting life to show on their youtube channel.

So it just needsIn a short time, their videos can be liked and in demand by YouTube residents, especially if they already have fans or fans. One of the public figures who often appears on YouTube trending is Raffi Ahmad with his YouTube channel Rans Entertainment.

4. Comedy videos

Surely everyone likes funny and comedic things. So not infrequently comedy-type videos also often appear on YouTube trending.

With a fairly short duration range, of course, comedy videos are liked by YouTube residents. Comedy-type videos have various types, such as parodies, stories with funny scripts. YouTube channels that often enter YouTube trending with their comedy content such as Edho Zell and Arif Muhammad.

5. Product Review Videos

The next video that is in great demand by YouTube residents is a product review video. And product review videos about the latest technology such as the latest gadgets that are often trending on YouTube. One of the product review channels that is often on YouTube trending is GadgetIn. If you want to buy a new mobile phone, this channel is the one that is suitable for you to consider before buying a new cellphone.

Of the three How to Download Videos on YouTube What I have mentioned above, the first way is the easiest and most practical way. I advise you not to download copyrighted videos as well as other negatively charged videos. Use the tutorial above for positive things.

Oh yes, maybe there are ways to download videos on other youtube that I haven’t mentioned above? If you have other ways that can be used to download videos from Youtube, there is nothing wrong with sharing through the comment column that has been provided.

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