Definition of Descriptive Text & Examples of Descriptive Text

This time Gramedia will discuss what Descriptive Text is, Examples of Descriptive Text, and Descriptive Text practice questions.

Definition of Descriptive Text

Basically the explanation of descriptive text is a text that aims to explain, describe, or describe something. This something can take any form, be it an animal, object, location, and so on.

Usually descriptive text is characterized by the use of the easy tense and focuses on one specific object. The object is then discussed again in more detail in the descriptive text. Then what’s the difference with recount text?

At a glance, you will see examples of recount text, which then retell stories that happened in the past, using the easy past. While descriptive text describes something in more detail. Descriptive text can also mean:

  1. Descriptive text provides information about how something or someone looks, this text uses words to describe what something or someone is like.
  2. Descriptive text also provides facts about how Indonesian is actually used according to the rules and how this text should be used.

Examples of Descriptive Text  Sentences

Descriptive Text About Places

The bedroom is my favorite room. The wall color is blue, which is my favorite color. it’s one snug bed that faces the window. Every morning, the sun shines through my window and wakes me up. 

I put my table for study and do my preparations at the corner. Beside that table, there is a massive wardrobe wherever I place all of my garments. 

My father created the wardrobe on behalf of me as my birthday present. On the left side of the table, there’s a shelf wherever I place all of my favorite books. On the table, there’s a lamp, laptop, stationery, and notebook. although my room is tiny and straightforward, I notice it is very cozy.

Descriptive Text About Pets

On my seventeenth birthday, my dad gave me a kitten. One thing that I wanted for a long time ago. I named her Kelly. My dad adopted her from a shelter. Once she received my house, she was fragile and little as a bottle. But now, she has grown to be a lovely white cat. She chows and exercises well. Her fur grows thick and soft. Kelly may be a charming cat and we’ll keep watching out for her. 

Descriptive Text  about Objects

On my previous birthday, my friend gave me a Teddy Bear. The size of the doll is big. It’s about 1.6 meters. The color is brown and white. It is very soft and fluffy. I feel really comfortable when I hug it. My little sister also likes to hug my big Teddy Bears. I love Teddy Bears because they are so cute.

Descriptive Text  about People

Maudy Ayunda is my favorite artist. She is so beautiful and smart. She has made me fall in love with her since I first saw her on TV. My first time seeing her was when she was promoting a beauty product on a TV advertisement. Since then, she has played in movies and also became a singer. Her voice is also wonderful. I have liked her song since the first time I heard it. Maudy is also an actress who cares about her education. I hear now she is studying somewhere at a foreign university. I hope she will make new movies and songs soon.

Descriptive Text  about Food

Fried rice is a typical Indonesian food. Fried rice is a very popular food. The ingredients for making fried rice are rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, and other seasonings. Everyone loves fried rice. Fried rice is very good. Initially, fried rice came from China. Fried rice has been around since 4000 BC.

Generic Structure Descriptive Text

The purpose of descriptive text is to describe, reveal and also describe a characteristic, be it in objects, animals, places and others. Descriptive texts are also made without doing detailed research beforehand, so writers only need to write stories based on what they see and hear.


Identification (identification) is an introduction, in the form of a general description of a topic. For example in: My supporter is the Duke of Edinburgh. he’s my acquaintance . My best friend is the Duke of Edinburgh. Hawkeye State is my classmate.


Description (description) contains the special characteristics of an object, place, or how an object is described. For example the characteristics, physical appearance, and other things which are then written specifically.

Characteristics of Descriptive Text 

The characteristics of Descriptive Text itself include:

1. In the Verbs used are attribute verbs, such as be ( am, is, are );
2. The tense used is easy tense; and
3. Only focus on one object only.

Descriptive Text  Elements

1. Nouns

Using specific principal nouns, such as my cat, my swain, monument. In addition, often using adjectives to clarify the use of nouns or nouns, such as a giant house, a sensible student, associate degree independence lady.

2. Simple Tense

Using the basic verb or the first form (verb 1) and using the principle verb can show the ownership or state of an object. Descriptive text uses the easy tense because descriptive text tells a fact in the Iranian language the object being described. For example My workplace has twenty two floors, Azka is pretty, and others.

3. Action verbs

Using the verb principle shows an activity or an activity that can be seen. For example, sleep, walk, sing, dance, and others.

4. Figurative Language

Using Indonesian figurative principles or describing something, usually using a metaphor to provide an illustration to the reader. For example: My love for you is as massive because the ocean . – My love for you is as wide as the ocean. Her skin is as white because of the snow – Her skin is as white as snow.

Practice Questions Descriptive Text

I have a pet. It’s a dog and that I decided to name it Dolgy. Dolgy may be a Chinese breed. It’s little, fluffy, and cute. It’s got thick black fur. after I cuddle it, the fur feels soft. Dolgy doesn’t like bones. Each day he chows soft food like steamed rice, fish or bread. Every morning I offer him milk and bread. Dolgy likes to play with my rabbit when I go to school. Dolgy never chows shoes or barks loudly just like the other pet. Dolgy is a really sweet and friendly animal.

1. The communicative purpose of this text is…..
A. to explain a specific animal
B. to share associate degree amusing incidents with others
C. to give 2 points of reading regarding a problem
D. to tell the readers regarding the sweetness of Dolgy
E. to retell events for the aim of informing and diverting

2. However will Dolgy look like?
A. big, fierce, and cute
B. big, fluffy, and fierce
C. small, fierce, and stink
D. small, fluffy, and cute.
E. small, fluffy, and stink

3. Whom Dolgy plays with once the author goes to school?
A. the writer’s sister
B. the writer’s mother
C. the writer’s cat
D. the writer’s different dog
E. the writer’s rabbit

4. What will Dolgy eat every morning?
A. fish and rice
B. bread and milk
C. bone and milk
D. milk and fish
E. rice and bread

Paris is the capital city of France. It’s conjointly one of the foremost lovely and celebrated towns in the world. Paris is termed because of the sunshine. Paris has become a global fashion center. What trendy girls are wearing in Paris are worn by girls everywhere around the globe.

Paris is also celebrated for its world center of education. For example, it’s the headquarters of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

There are several different parts of the area to celebrate different places in Paris, like the celebrated deposit of the Louvre further because of the cathedral of Notre Dame. However, the foremost celebrated landmark in this town should be the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is once a group of individuals called the Parisii. They engineered a little village on an associate degree island in the middle of the Seine about 2 thousand years ago. This island is termed Ile American state la Cite. It’s wherever Notre Dame is set. These days around eight million individuals sleep in the Paris space.

5. What’s the communicative purpose of the text?
A. to give 2 points of view regarding Paris
B. to elucidate Paris, the capital city of France
C. to explain Paris
D. to retell Paris, the capital of France
E. to steer the readers to travel to Paris, the capital of france

6. What area unit celebrates places in Paris?
A. urban center Tower and therefore the museum
B. The cathedral of Notre Dame and urban center Tower
C. The museum, Eiffel Tower, and urban center Tower
D. The museum, Eiffel Tower, and therefore the cathedral of Notre Dame
E. urban center Tower and Eiffel Tower

7. What percentage of individuals sleep in Paris?
A. eight million individuals
B. seven million individuals
C. six million individuals
D. five million individuals
E. four million individuals

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My name is Jonathan. I sleep in Cape Town, South Africa. Let me tell you about my daily activities. I continuously visit the faculty early in the morning, however, I rarely go back early as a result of continuously visiting the faculty and coming home on foot.

My faculty is seven kilometers from my house. The fare is just too big-ticket on my behalf. Once faculty, most of my friends observe African dances, however, I cannot be part of them as a result of which I have to assist my folks. I need to get water from a well and babysit my sisters. I have 2 sisters. Sometimes, I do my preparation within the evening, however, at different times I am too tired to try and do it.

8. The text primarily discusses…
A. Jonathan’s activities within the morning
B. Jonathan’s daily activities
C. the big-ticket bus fares
D. Cape Town

9. isn’t the following statement isn’t true?
A. Jonathan has 2 sisters.
B. Jonathan lives in South Africa.
C. Jonathan continuously studies in the evening.
D. Jonathan’s faculty is far from his house.

10. What will Jonathan do once in school?
A. He practices recreation together with his friends.
B. He plays together with his friends.
C. He will do his prep.
D. He helps his folks.

11. Why will Jonathan continue to get through late?
A. He practices recreation together with his friends.
B. He returns home on foot.
C. He babysits his sisters.
D. He walks slowly.

Complete the text to answer questions 12 to 14.

I want to describe my father. He is about forty-five years old. He is about 170 cm (12)… He has a round face and short, black hair. He has big eyes and a flat nose. My father likes doing sports, especially (13). . . . His favorite is Tae Kwon Do. He has a red belt. My father usually helps me when I find (14). .. in doing my homework. He is also nice to my friends. My father is my idol.

12. _____________
A. short
B. thin
C. fat
D. tall

13. ______________
A. running
B. wrestling
C. martial arts
D. water sports

14. _____________
A. stories
B. bonuses
C. difficulties
D. information

Complete the text to answer questions 15 to 17.

Hello! My name’s Zahra. I’m a (15) . . . .I work in a laboratory. I wear a white lab coat, rubber gloves and a hat to cover my (16) . . . Sometimes, I wear goggles to protect my eyes and a mask too (17)…. my mouth and nose.

15. ______________
A. journalist
B. scientist
C. teacher
D. cook

16. ______________
A. hair
B. eyes
C. face
D. hands

17. _______________
A. stay
B. see
C. open
D. cover


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Descriptive Text Answer Key

  1. A. to describe a particular animal
  2. D. small, fluffy, and cute.
  3. E. the writer’s rabbit
  4. Bbread and milk
  5. C to describe Paris
  6. D. The louvre museum, Eiffel Tower, and the cathedral of Notre Dame
  7. A. eight million people
  8. B. Jonathan’s daily activities
  9. C. Jonathan always studies in the evening.
  10. D. He helps his parents.
  11. B. He returns home on foot.
  12. D. Tall
  13. C.Martial arts
  14. C. Difficulties
  15. B. Scientist
  16. A. Hair
  17. D.Cover

So many explanations about descriptive text that you can learn, friend. You can also practice English questions through a collection of questions here