Definition of Design: Functions, Purpose, Benefits, Methods, and Types

Definition of Design – Do you know what is meant by design? In general, the notion of design is a plan or design that is carried out before the manufacture of an object, system, component, or structure. Another opinion says that the notion of design is the process of planning or designing an object with the aim that the object created has a function, has aesthetic value, and is beneficial to humans.

If viewed etymologically, the design itself comes from English, namely design . The meaning of design is a plan or plan. In carrying out this design process must look at various aspects. The aspects that are in the design, such as aspects of function, aesthetics, and other aspects.

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Definition of Design According to Experts

In order to better understand what design is, we can listen to the opinions of some of the following experts:

1. Dudy Wiyancoko

According to Dudy Wiyancoko, the notion of design is everything related to conceptualization, data analysis, project planning, rendering, cost calculation, prototyping, frame testing, and test riding.

2. Soekarno and Lanawati Basuki

According to Soekarno and Lanawati Basuki, the notion of design is a design pattern that forms the basis for making an object, such as clothing.

3. Coirul Amin

According to Coirul Amin, the notion of design is a framework of shapes, designs, motifs, patterns and styles, which are implemented on an object.

4. J.B. Reswick

According to JB Reswick, the notion of design is a creative activity which includes the creation of something new and useful that did not exist before.

5. Bruce Nussbaum

According to Bruce Nussbaum, the notion of design is a vehicle to help implement innovation in various industrial and business activities.

6.Oxford Dictionaries

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, design is a plan or drawing made to show the appearance and function or workings of a building, clothing, or other object before it is made.

Design Function

Design is the applied art, architecture and other creative achievements that involve the arrangement of lines, shapes, sizes, colors and values ​​of an object according to certain principles. Some of the design functions are as follows:

  1. Is the process of creating or creating a new object.
  2. Is a tool to communicate the new creations of a designer to the general public.
  3. Is a container to display objects to the public with pictures or real.
  4. It is knowledge and insight for humans, so that they can understand forms in the form of depictions of fields, space, arrangement, configuration, composition, values ​​and so on.
  5. As an aid for designers in creating new objects or creations. tools in the process of creating a new object.
  6. As a container to describe the appearance of certain objects to the audience with a picture or actual situation.
  7. As a means to increase human knowledge in order to better understand the description of the shape of the field, space, arrangement, configuration, composition, value, and so on.

Design Goals

As previously explained, the main purpose of a design is to help humans design an object to be useful for humans. Some of the design goals are as follows:

  1. As a tool used to design an object, system, component, or structure that is beneficial to humans
  2. As a means to convey ideas or ideas of a designer to the general public.
  3. As a means to describe certain objects to the audience before these objects materialize in reality.
  4. So that humans know what capabilities and limitations exist in themselves and the things around them.

Design Principles

Design principles include the following:

1. Balance

Balance can be formed the same size or can be said to be symmetrical, either in shape, size, or image. In addition, balance can also be made informal or asymmetrical and radial or radiated balance.

2. Unity

This principle can be achieved if everything is fulfilled. The Gestalt Psychology theory of closeness, closure and similarity can help fulfill the principle of unity in works of art.

3. Comparison

Is a form that relates to the size of one part with another. Big or small, wide, narrow, short, or short is a matter of proportion. In Fine Arts, the principle of proportion is used to consider the ratio of the area of ​​paper or canvas to the object being drawn or painted. The principle of comparison emphasizes the variation or diversity in size of one element with other elements in a unified whole.

4. Composition

Composition or sequence is an architectural design, namely the arrangement of the elements as a whole so that the flow becomes more comfortable. An example of applying composition to an architectural design that is easiest to understand is the preparation of a spatial composition plan, such as when you want to arrange the interior of a room, living room or kitchen.

5. Rhythm

Is a principle that arises from the impression of motion from the elements attached to his work which can be reached through repetition, substitution, size changes, and rhythmic movements.

6. Scale

Scale is the ratio of a room or building to its surroundings or other architectural elements. Basically, the scale in architectural design does not have specific rules because the scale can be adjusted to the desired nuance or impression.

7. Contrast

Contrast is shape, which can be coloring, size, position, to texture or visuals. An example of a simple application is the use of a brightly colored sofa like red or yellow in the middle of a room that is dominated by white.

Design Benefits

There are design benefits in everyday life, namely:

1. Speed ​​up the Work Process

A job can be shortened by using graphic design, for example a proposal that must describe every detail of the company, but by using graphic design it will be shortened by making it in the form of pictures or curves.

2. Can Convey Messages in Graphical Form

To create a message in the form of a work of graphic design art is not easy, this can be done by attending a trusted graphic design course so that the message created can be conveyed to the public.

3. Become a place to express feelings

Everyone has feelings that are sometimes difficult to express, after studying graphic design at a duet school with Photoshop or other Adobe applications you can express feelings in graphic form.

4. Produces More Beautiful Images

Images produced either through camera shots or hand-made images do not always produce the desired image, with a touch of graphic design the image will be more attractive and beautiful to look at.

5. Can Make Money

With a design that has been made will have a valuable value. Just imagine, company logos made from design applications are not only worth hundreds of thousands, some are even worth tens or hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

Design Method


Some of the design methods that are often used are as follows:

1. Explosions

Explosing is a method of finding inspiration by thinking critically to produce a design that has never been made before.

2. Redefining

Redefining is a method of reprocessing a design into something different and better.

3. Managing

Managing is a method which is a design method by making designs continuously and continuously.

4. Phototyping

Phototyping is a design method by correcting and or modifying ancestral designs.

5. Trendspotting

Trendspotting is a design method by creating a design based on a growing trend.

Design Type

There are two types of designs namely:

  • The first is structural design which is a form of object consisting of design elements between line arrangement, shape, size, texture color and lightness value.
  • The second is an ornate design that aims to decorate the structural design of an object or clothing.

Design Arts Branch

The art of design itself has several branches. The following are several branches of the art of design that you need to know about.

1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that is used to convey messages or information as effectively as possible by using image media. If in graphic art text or writing is also considered as an image because it is the result of an abstraction of a symbol that can be sounded. Examples include posters, magazines, invitations, newspapers, company logos, packaging, books, illustrated stories, caricatures and so on.

2. Interior Design

Interior design is a scientific field based on design science with the aim of being able to solve problems regarding the need for comfortable and beautiful rooms in a dwelling, such as residential rooms, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, entertainment centers, schools, even kitchens, and so on. toilet.

3. Architectural Design

Architectural design is an activity that seeks to solve human needs for a comfortable and beautiful place to live. Such as homes, offices, places of worship, hospitals, public buildings, industrial buildings and so on. In the world of architecture, there are two different views. From two views, namely the view that places architectural design as part of the field of engineering (engineering) and the view that places architectural design as part of art.

4. Product Design

Product Design is a branch of applied art that seeks to solve the problem of people’s needs for everyday objects and equipment to support their activities. For example, product designers design shoes not only to look good, but also to be comfortable to wear and easy to produce.

Tips for Choosing the Best Interior Design Services

In choosing the best interior design services for your home, you really need to consider many things so you don’t regret it later. Especially if you are planning to build your dream home or want to renovate your home. Of course, you really need the help of interior design services to make it happen professionally. Because interior design services are one of the right solutions to get maximum results and according to your wishes.

Currently, many home interior design services have sprung up with various attractive offers. However, as a good consumer, you also need to pay attention to many things so you don’t go wrong in choosing interior design services. Here are some tips on choosing interior design services that you should know:

1. Look at Good Systems and Credibility 

One of the tips for choosing the best interior design services for your home is to determine whether the vendor has high credibility or not. To ensure the clarity of the credibility of an interior design service, it usually refers to the cooperation contract and the openness of the budget that needs to be issued.

For this reason, you must really pay attention to the clarity of the system used by the vendor in this collaboration, because this will have a big impact on the collaboration between you and the vendor later. You need to know that a credible company or vendor will certainly be able to explain the project steps properly. As well as having good patents and SOPs, so you can use their services comfortably,

2. Always pay attention to the portfolio and track record of interior design services

Tips for choosing the best interior design services for your home, what you can do next is to pay attention to the vendor’s track record. Why is that? This is because by choosing a good and good vendor, it indicates that the vendor’s experience is also good. So, don’t choose the wrong design vendor, friend.

You can ask the service provider directly, or look at the vendor’s website and social media. Apart from that, you also need to see some testimonials from customers who have used the vendor’s services, so there are no regrets later. For that, you really need to know the track record of the vendor or company. So that you don’t make the wrong choice before entering into a cooperation contract with interior design services.

3. Look for interior services that suit your wishes 

Tips for choosing the best interior design services for your next home is to find a company or interior design service vendor that fits your criteria. Before you intend to seek help from interior design services, of course, you have noted down what you want, what your goals are, and so on. Basically, the job of an interior designer is to provide solutions related to the layout of a house or building to make it more accessible to residents.

As well as determine what materials match the room. Even so, each designer already has its own design principles. So, you need to find interior design services that can provide the right solution and according to your wishes or expectations.

4. Have Transparent And Realistic Prices

Apart from these things, tips on choosing the best interior design services for other homes that you can do are consider the budget. However, the budget or cost is a very complex thing. Before making an agreement, make sure you know in advance about the fees that will be set.

Is the price realistic and within their service and your budget? For this reason, there needs to be transparency between you and the designer regarding pricing. Because a good company or vendor will explain transparently the amount of the budget. You don’t need to be afraid to ask questions or negotiate directly with the designer.