Definition of Discussion Text & Examples of Discussion Text

Definition of Discussion Text & Examples of Discussion Text – This article will discuss Discussion Text,  starting from understanding, example sentences, formulas, to practice questions along with answer keys. Here’s the discussion.

Definition of Discussion Text

Discussion text is a text that presents a topic problem which is then discussed from various points of view. Discussion text itself discusses a matter that contains professional and contra views of a matter. The topics discussed in the discussion text itself are usually controversial issues that occur in society.

The purpose of a discussion text is to provide new information to readers regarding an issue. This information is also in the form of a new perspective, so that the reader can see an issue from a different perspective. There are still many who are mistaken with the differences between Discussion Text and Persuasive Text. This is because the structure of the two is very similar.

However, both have very different functions and purposes. In persuasive text, it is usually persuasive or persuasive. The goal is to persuade the reader to agree with the author’s opinion and lean to one side. While discussion texts are usually logical and objective. The author does not invite the reader to lean to one side.

The goal is simply to provide information from a variety of different points of view. Because the discussion text is objective, the writer must not be one-sided and must be as neutral as possible. In making the discussion text itself there are several linguistic elements. Here are some features of the discussion text that you need to know:

  • Using direct tense
  • Using modes such as (should, must, may, would, etc).
  • Using contrastive, additive, and casual associations or connecting words as differentiators (similar, furthemore, however, moreover, on the opposite hand, but, additionally, all the same, etc).
  • Using only trusted sources in a discussion text.

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Examples of Discussion Text Sentences

The purpose of the Discussion Text itself is to present a problem from two different points of view before finally arriving at a conclusion or recommendation by presenting an issue or information by presenting several opinions of experts in their fields and usually the opinions presented are conflicting opinions (pro and cons).

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Television has become a part of our life. In our daily life we ​​often watch television. We usually watch television after work, when we gather with family, even when we are working. As part of our lives, television has both good and bad effects. Pongid has a different opinion about the positive and negative effects of watching TV. 

These bad effects include TV making us less mobile because we spend a long time watching TV. They also say that TV affects everyday life. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are snacking more often while watching TV. TV also influences the way children act. Rude and violence can come from television shows that are less educational. 

However, other opinions also say that television has a good impact. We can get a lot of information. From TV we can know various situations that occur in other cities. TV also makes us more relaxed. After working all day, We come home and turn on the TV to watch funny and comedy videos.

Discussion Text formula

The characteristics of the Discussion Text itself include using the simple tense two, using modes such as should, would, may, etc. He also uses additive, contrastive, and casual associations or uses words that compare, conjunctions that are used are generally opposite as in similar, however, furthemore, on the opposite hand, moreover, additionally, but, all the same, but , in different aspects and their consequences (cause and effect) for example: thus, then. etc.

Discussion texts also usually only focus on generic humans and non-humans. This type of text also uses a mode of discussion rather than opinion, the last discussion text generally uses thinking words such as: feel, hope, believe. The discussion text formula itself consists of:

1. Issues

Issue, this section is generally at the beginning of the paragraph and contains the placement of problems or issues which will then be discussed or debated. Issue is located in the first paragraph.

2. Supporting Points (Arguments For or Against)

In this section, the author presents opinions that then support the issue. In each paragraph Supporting purpose consists of two components including the main idea of ​​the paragraph and the elaboration or description.

From the main idea of ​​the paragraph, the author then explains several views on the issues being discussed or discussed by taking the opinions of experts and also mentioning anyone who has an opinion but whose opinion is already generally known. The author will usually present the opinion of the principle of professionalism, followed by an opinion that is counter (argument against) in the next paragraph.

3. Contrasting Points (Elaboration)

In this section the author will present opinions opposing issues and problems (cons). Similarly, in supporting purpose paragraphs, different points have two forming components, namely the main idea of ​​the paragraph and the elaboration or description that comes from the main idea of ​​the paragraph.

In this section, the author will then present an opinion against the issue or problem. As in supporting purpose paragraphs, different points also present two forming components, namely the main idea of ​​the paragraph and the elaboration or description of the main idea of ​​the paragraph. Before taking a stand by determining which opinion the author prefers, or even when the author has his own opinion. The author must also provide an elaboration of several principal opinions that have been presented.

4. Conclusion or Recommendation

The last is the author’s conclusions or recommendations on the issues being discussed with the hope that readers can follow and agree with the author’s opinion. In this section the author will present conclusions or recommendations from the issues or problems discussed above.

Exercise Discussion Text Questions

This text is for queries forty one to forty three. Many of us say that examinations ought to be abolished as a result of them not being the most effective life of a student’s capabilities. These individuals believe that students will study on their own and do higher while not the shrewish worry and pressure exerted by examinations. Yet, their square measure persuasive reasons to indicate that examinations must not be abolished. it’s scant that lecturers assign prepare and proper it.

As a result of this can not be done under oversight, they can not make sure that it’s extremely the work of the scholars themselves. Moreover, prep isn’t a way to take a look at a student’s ability. prep may be a technique of simply keeping him occupied. Nowadays, within the search for jobs, students have to be compelled to manufacture some proof of their capabilities.

Prospective employers wish to see copies of examination results. May be the sole method a student’s qualifications can be judged. This angle greatly encourages the employment of examinations, since it’s thought of it necessary for them to live their capabilities.

1. Why do some individuals disagree to get rid of the examination?
A. Test results are the sole proof of a student’s capabilities.
B. No one trusts the scholars these days.
C. it’s a regulation within the country.
D. It’s an honest activity.
E. it’s for the sake of potency.

2. What’s the best plan for paragraph 2?
A. The examination still keeps happening.
B. The teachers’ roles supervise the scholars.
C. Prep is vital for college kids.
D. Prep is useful for college kids.
E. The lecturers square measure scant in class.

3. From the text higher than, we tend to infer that….
A. The examination continues to be used for insurance students’ qualifications.
B. There are square measures plenty of individuals agreeing to the examination because of the internal control.
C. The examination isn’t necessary for measuring the students’ talents.
D. The examination is employed to measure students’ talents annually before ending their education.
E. The government. obliges academic practitioners to conduct the examination for increasing the standard.

Most people agree that some type of family limitation or spacing is fascinating for the nice of the family and society. However people and groups– particularly spiritual groups–differ sharply on the ways of contraception that they contemplate as ethical and acceptable.

Couples that apply contraception do this for numerous reasons. They’ll wish to limit or area their youths or to own no youths the least bit. Young couples usually delay having youngsters in order that each partner will work regularly. Different couples area their youngsters so that they will provide each kid the maximum amount of attention as potential.

Some girls square measure suggested by their doctors to avoid gestation for health reasons. In several countries with chop-chop growing populations, the govt. encourages couples to limit the scale of their families. Although contraception has gained acceptance, the opposition to the application is continuous.

Some individuals are concerned that contraception encourages sexual relations out of wedlock or that the government may impose contraception. Some spiritual teams oppose contraception on ethical grounds. Some spiritual teams teach that artificial ways of contraception square measure immoral as a result of they separate the 2 functions of intercourse in marriage–conjugal love and also the sex activity of youngsters. Though they oppose all artificial contraception, they contemplate natural birth control as acceptable.

4. What will the text discuss?
A. Family coming up with
B. The disagreement with contraception
C. Reasons to support family limitation
D. The 2 completely different opinions on contraception
E. The spiritual cluster that disagrees with contraception

5. The difficulty of the text is ….
A. Government’s population program
B. Birth control programs
C. Family limitation
D. Contraception
E. Sex management

6. Why don’t they support birth control?
A. To limit the family size
B. To the area of ​​the kids’ birth.
C. To avoid a high family budget.
D. To avoid a risk-health gestation.
E. To share abundant attention with the kids.

7. Some girls ought to stop gestation attributable to … reason.
A. Unacceptable
B. Immoral
C. Artificial
D. Limited
E. Health

8. The spiritual cluster feels objected to the contraception attributable to them…
A. Assume it isn’t the government. programs
B. Believe it’s associate immoral apply
C. Believe it’s not a natural apply
D. Dread to the pathological state
E. Square measure strictly conservatives

9. Different couples area their youngsters so that they will provide each kid the maximum amount of attention as potential. (par.2) The online word refers to…
A. Couples
B. Women
C. Families
D. People
E. Children

10. Young couples usually delay having youngsters ….(par.2) The online word means that
A. Suspect
B. Suspend
C. Respect
D. Direct
E. Recall

Starting from questions of the Lower Order Thinking Skill (LOTS) type to questions of the High Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) type. That way, the pattern will help you answer the questions according to your abilities and reasoning.

Discussion Text Answer Key

  1. Answer key no.1 is A. “Exam result is the only proof of a student’s capabilities”.
  2. Key answer no.2 is A. The examination still keeps going on.
  3. The key to answer no.3 is, A. the examination is still used for measuring students’ qualifications.
  4. The answer key to no.4 is D. The two different opinions on birth control
  5. The answer key to no.5 is D. Birth control
  6. The answer key to no.6 is C. To avoid high family budgets.
  7. The answer key to no.7 is E. Health
  8. The answer key to no.8 is B. Believe it is an immoral practice
  9. The answer key to no.9 is A. Couples
  10. The key to answer no.10 is B. Suspend

That is an explanation of the Discussion Text, starting from understanding, example sentences, formulas, and practice questions along with the answer keys.