Definition of Fantasy Stories: Characteristics, Structure, Types, and Examples

Definition of fantasy stories – Reading is an activity that can provide many benefits. Besides adding to our insight, reading stories can also help to increase our imagination . Currently, there are so many types of literature that can be read.

One of them is a fantasy story. Where this fantasy story is interesting enough to be used as reading material. It cannot be denied that the more we come here, the more fantasy stories we can make as reading material.

For example, like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, which has even been adapted into a big screen film. Each fantasy story has its own excitement that is able to invite its readers to feel as if they are in the story line that is being built on the reading.

Therefore, if you want to be a fantasy story writer. Of course, you also have to know what a fantasy story is, including the various things related to it.

Well, it’s a coincidence that in this article there is a summary of all things related to fantasy stories.

Definition of Fantasy Stories

Meanwhile, according to Nurgiyantoro, a fantasy story is a story in which characters, plot, setting and theme are presented and the truth of the story is still in doubt, whether it concerns the whole or only a part of the story.

From the explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that the definition of a fantasy story is an essay made by relying on someone’s imagination or imagination in which there will be various types of stories.

As with other types of stories in general, fantasy stories also have characters, plots, backgrounds and so on. That way, fantasy stories are also included in the type of literary work. In general, fantasy stories will be written by authors by telling various things that are easy for everyone to understand.

Writers of fantasy stories will usually imagine the stories they create so that it is easier for readers to understand and accept the story. In fantasy stories the authors will create or create their own fantasy world.

In addition, usually readers of fantasy stories will have an ever-increasing imagination power. Where the increased power of imagination will be able to create creative ideas that can be made into works in any form.

Characteristics of Fantasy Stories

Like other types of stories, fantasy stories also have characteristics in them. Of course, every feature of a fantasy story will make it different from other types of stories. So, so that you understand more about fantasy stories, here are some of the characteristics they have.

1. There are Miracles, Mysteries and Weirdness

In a fantasy story will contain elements that are not logical. For example, such as the existence of magic, mystery and strangeness. In fact, there are also elements that don’t exist in the real world such as time machines, characters with wings, mysterious creatures and so on.

The imagination of the writer has an important role in the process of writing fantasy stories. In fantasy stories, there are no limitations and restrictive logic, so that various elements in fantasy stories can be made as desired and able to cross the boundaries of reality.

2. Open Story Ideas

The ideas in fantasy stories have no boundaries in reality. That way, writers can be more open in developing stories according to their wishes. An example is fantasy stories that take supernatural, mystical, horror, science fiction, futuristic themes and so on.

3. Using Various Backgrounds Or Across Space and Time

Furthermore, space and time in fantasy stories usually exceed stories or are unlimited. The writers will use a variety of settings to be able to build a fantasy story.

For example, in the Harry Potter series, which uses a setting in the wizarding world. Where later the characters in the series are able to use magic powers or can return to the past.

Then, the background story in the series also has its own characteristics. In fact, the series of stories raised can also penetrate space and time.

4. The existence of a unique figure

In fantasy stories, there will usually be a unique character. Starting from the characteristics and character sometimes do not exist in everyday life. For example, a character who has certain supernatural powers. Or maybe a character who experiences mysterious events that don’t exist in everyday life.

Not infrequently also in fantasy stories and characters who experience events in various types of time settings. Where they can exist in a different time and place.

5. Having Fictitious Properties

The next characteristic of fantasy stories is that they are fictitious, which means that fantasy stories don’t exist in real life. Fantasy storylines can be inspired by real settings or real objects in everyday life but are given a touch of fantasy.

6. Language

In fantasy stories, there will be the use of strong emotional synonyms and word variations that are quite prominent. The language used in fantasy stories is always varied, expressive and uses a variety of conversations or does not use formal language.

Fantasy Story Structure

Every written work always has a structure in the writing process. This also applies to the process of writing fantasy stories. Where in a fantasy story there will be a structure such as orientation, conflict, resolution and ending or closing.

So below is an explanation of the structure in fantasy stories.

1. Orientation

In a fantasy story there will be an orientation structure. Where in this structure will make the reader to find a story in the form of an introduction, starting from the theme, characters to the plot written by fantasy story writers.

Some fantasy story writers will tell the characters in this section.

2. Conflict

Next is the conflict structure which can be said to be an important part of the fantasy story. Problems will begin to appear in this section. Later, this problem also becomes the core of the plot in fantasy stories.

The authors will create conflicts that make the readers want to re-read the fantasy story until the end. Meanwhile, the characters will also be highlighted in this part of the conflict.

3. Resolution

Next is the resolution section on the fantasy story. Where in this section will explain the way out of the existing problems. The conflicts that arise will subside which makes the readers have a sense of curiosity about the ending of the story.

4. Endings

In the ending part of this fantasy story, there will be a possibility of a happy or sad ending. The editing part is also the most awaited by fantasy story readers.

Fantasy Story Types

Fantasy stories are divided into two types, namely those seen based on the suitability of real life and those seen based on the story’s setting. Where these two types of fantasy stories are still divided into several categories in them.

If all this time you only know about fantasy stories in general, then you should also know the types of fantasy stories. So that you don’t feel confused anymore, here are the types of fantasy stories.

1. Fantasy Story Based on Real Life

As previously explained, fantasy stories can be divided into two types, one of which is fantasy stories based on real life. Where fantasy stories based on real life are still divided into several categories in it.

a. Total Fantasy Story

Total fantasy story is a fantasy story made by the author with a certain object. Where later in the fantasy story does not match what is in real life. For example in terms of person names, object names, city names and so on.

b. Sliced ​​Fantasy Story

Next is a sliced ​​fantasy story which will basically tell the world of imagination but with the names of places and events that still exist in the real world. Readers of sliced ​​fantasy stories will find information made in interesting language.

2. Fantasy Stories Based on Story Background

Just like the previous type, fantasy stories based on story backgrounds will also be divided into several categories. So, so that you know more about this type of fantasy story, here is the review.

a. Contemporary Fantasy Stories

Contemporary fantasy stories are fantasy stories that will use one type of time setting. For example, is the setting in the present or using a past setting or using a future setting.

b. Fantasy Story Across Time

A time-crossing fantasy story is a fantasy story in which there will be two different time settings. For example, is a fantasy story that uses a time setting in the past and in the future in one story.

Examples of Fantasy Stories

After understanding all about fantasy stories. Of course, it will be easier for you to understand more about fantasy stories if you know the examples. So, so that you can know more about examples of fantasy stories, here are examples of fantasy stories quoted from the official website

Magic Eraser

I am a junior high school (SMP) student who is often known by students who always get mediocre grades. I also don’t know why it always gets mediocre grades. The mediocre values ​​that I have make myself always in the lower ranks.

I always feel disappointed because I always get grades that can’t satisfy myself and my parents. Even though almost every day I always study and don’t forget to do homework.

My parents were never mad at me when I got bad grades. They always support and always say, “as long as the value you get comes from honesty, we will never be angry and disappointed.” Like there is something that can make my heart feel cool, so I feel calm that I have never felt before.

The next day when I left for school, I met my friend in the middle of the road and we talked while walking to school. Unlike me, my friend is very smart and always gets good grades. I also feel happiness when walking with my friend, he always encourages me to never give up to get good grades.

It was raining so hard that I had to wait for the rain to stop. It’s a pity, the rain that I was waiting for to stop never came. I didn’t want to linger at school, so I ventured to get home in the rain.

I ran really fast so I wouldn’t be exposed to the rain for too long. Until when I was running I slipped by a small eraser. I was confused why there was a small eraser lying in the middle of the road. Strangely enough, I didn’t leave the eraser immediately, instead I brought it home. Me and the eraser have a chemistry.

When I got home, my mother immediately prepared new clothes for me and immediately told me to dress up. After I finished taking a shower I started doing my homework in my room and while muttering, “It’s weird, I brought this eraser home instead.” Unexpectedly the eraser replied, “I can help you to get good grades”. I was surprised to hear the answer from the eraser.

It was odd that the eraser could speak and my high curiosity made me dare to prove what the eraser said. What a coincidence that today there is a math exam.

Every question that arises, I examine carefully so as not to answer incorrectly. Again and again I was surprised that the eraser moved on its own and moved towards the answer I had written. I also said to myself, “truly a magic eraser”. Suddenly the answer I wrote was erased by the eraser.

The eraser always replaces my wrong answers. Until finally the thing I always hoped for came true. I always take the eraser with me when I go to school.

Until one day I kept the eraser in my school uniform pocket. I went home happy because I got good grades. Suddenly it rained very heavily, because I forgot to bring my raincoat, I ran as fast as I could to get home quickly.

After arriving home, soaking wet, I immediately grabbed the uniform bag. Sure enough the magic eraser just disappeared like it was swallowed up by the earth. I felt disappointed and worried that I would get a less good grade again. Behind my disappointment there is always hope and prayer that the magic eraser will return to me.

Thus the discussion about the definition of fantasy stories to examples of fantasy stories. After reading this article to the end, hopefully, it will be easier for you to understand and create fantasy stories.

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