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Age of Empires I is a game series that has been popular since early 1997, this game has many enthusiasts, and is included in the old games that still exist today. Developed by Esemble Studio, Age of Empires I managed to attract many players from all over the world.

Age of Empires I allows players to be able to fight against enemies, which is indeed the concept of a strategy game. Age of Empires I has undergone many changes in terms of appearance, the developer has now developed a Definitive Edition version, to make changes in terms of graphics.

Interestingly, not only the graphic display is updated, the developer also provides Age of Empires I to run on Xbox Live. Previously, Age of Empires I was indeed run on a PC, well because of the many annoying bug reports, in the end the developer released the latest PC version with bug fixes.

Features and Benefits of Age of Empires I

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires is an old game that has attracted many game fans around the world, games that require a strategy to play it, have been sold in the market. Age of Empires I can be played on a PC, with quality that is still quite good.

Age of Empires I is now available with a few extra features, which has support for more than 13 languages from around the world. This support also includes language display from the interface, audio, to translation or Subtitling.

The Age of Empires I series has improved its features and capabilities in 2019, which allows users to be able to connect to Steam Cloud services. As well as capable to be able to play Singe Player and Multi Player.

So, are you interested in playing Age of Empires I which has been upgraded features? Here are some other advantages, including the following:

HD Resolution

Age of Empires I comes with an updated version, the Defenitive Edition, which has improved in terms of appearance. Age of Empires I is now playable on PC Gaming, with 4K resolution.


Play Age of Empires I more exciting with other players, in the latest version of Age of Empires I players can play games for up to 8 people at once. You can fight and fight against your own friends in this game.

Support OS

Age of Empires I can be played by PCs using the Windows operating system, but users are advised to use Windows 10 and 11 versions, for a better gaming experience.

Support Xbox

Xbox Live can also be used to play Age of Empires I, the latest version is indeed a collaboration with Xbox and Microsoft companies. Which was developed to be playable on Xbox Live.

Age of Empires I Game Download for Free

The old Age of Empires I game, it has been more than 20 years. This game can still captivate users, because it has been updated in terms of visuals and appearance. The collaboration between developers and Xbox allows Age of Empires I to run like a modern game. You can get the latest Age of Empires I download link below:

[Age of Empires – Collectors Edition]

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