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Videos that can be played on a multimedia device may not necessarily be watched on other multimedia devices. Problems like this are usually caused by unsupported video formats that need to be changed to another format. With Any Video Converter, changing video formats is not a difficult job to do.

The main reason to use Any Video Converter is, of course, not only because it is easy to use, but also because of its proven ability to convert video formats to other formats. Regarding the format itself, Any Video Converter supports more than 100 video formats that can be converted to more than 160 other video formats.

Features of Any Video Converter

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1. Batch Conversion

To save time, users can insert several videos at once into the main window of Any Video Converter and then convert them all simultaneously. This batch conversion feature needs to be activated first through the Options window.

Any Video Converter can process up to 5 videos at once, although the videos used as input have different formats. Before starting the conversion process, each video can be adjusted separately such as lowering the fps, reducing the quality and changing the video resolution.

2. Download Videos

In addition to the YouTube site, there are more than 100 sites supported by Any Video Converter. Some of them are Dailymotion, Vevo, VeeHD, Facebook, Weibo, Tumblr, Jukebox and Yahoo. Especially for the YouTube site, users can download videos one by one or download all videos in channels and playlists.

3. Merge Videos

Even if each video has a different format, they can all be combined into one video and then converted to another format. The order of the videos can be adjusted by drag and drop before the merging process begins. In addition, if there are some videos that do not have the same size, then the size will be adjusted to the size of the video that ranks first.

In addition to the three features above, Any Video Converter is also capable of taking audio from videos and saving them as mp3, wav, ogg or others, as well as having the ability to burn videos to DVD.

Before starting the conversion, the video can be edited by adding a watermark in the form of text or images, applying several effects such as noise and distort, rotating the skewed video, cropping the video, reducing color saturation, and dividing the video into segments. And if the conversion process takes a long time due to the large video file size, Any Video Converter can be set to turn off the computer automatically after the video has finished processing.

Download Any Video Converter Latest

Any Video Converter is completely free and every video it produces is clean of watermarks. This is important to know because there are several other multimedia software that is published as free software but apparently slips a watermark into the video. Download Any Video Converter latest and free via the link below:

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