Download Baidu PC Faster Latest 2023 (Free Download)

There are many ways you can do to maintain PC performance. The simplest way is to get rid of the files that are no longer useful and move all the less important files to the cloud. Another way that you can also take is to clean the browser, defragment, and uninstall software that is rarely used.

In order not to be so troublesome, you can use Baidu PC Faster. In just a matter of minutes, the performance of Windows that slows down will return to normal as usual or even faster. Broadly speaking, there are only two main steps you need to do, namely running a scan and then cleaning the scan results.

Key Features of Baidu PC Faster

Download Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster Display

The Quick Scan panel in Baidu PC Faster is a panel where you can search for junk files and startup items that you no longer need. To get more detailed scanning results, you can switch to other panels such as the SpeedUp panel.

The SpeedUp panel serves to find parts of the Windows system that can be optimized to speed up booting. The scanning process runs much faster than Quick Scan. In addition to displaying items that can be optimized, the scanning results also display how much boot speed can be achieved with all these optimizations. In our experiments, the scans found 37 items that could be optimized, which would make booting Windows 3.70 seconds faster than usual.

In the Cleaner panel, Baidu PC Faster searches for junk files generated from the browser, from multimedia software such as Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash Player, from other software (Windows Defender, uTorrent, Skype, Winrar, Nitro and others), from the system (temporary files, cache, logs, recyle bin, patches) as well as those from the registry.

Each item in the scanning results provided by the Cleaner panel has its own icon and is grouped into five sections so it is very easy to browse. You can also view the details of individual items for further review. Anti-virus is also provided by Baidu PC Faster. The reason is, computer performance that suddenly drops drastically can also be caused by viruses. You can run a full scan, internet scan, game scan or custom scan.

Download Baidu PC Faster

Files infected with viruses can be quarantined or deleted immediately. For files that do not contain viruses but are still quarantined because of false positives, you can enter the file into the Trusted List so that it is not scanned again or sent to the Baidu server for re-examination.

During Baidu PC Faster, a button indicating the amount of RAM usage is also displayed on the right part of the screen. If you right-click on the button, you can enable the Auto Memory Release option to clean the memory automatically. Download the latest and free Baidu PC Faster via the link below:

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