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Portable Command Prompt is a software or tool that allows users to perform CMD-like functions in the Windows operating system. We know that CMD or Command Prompt is a built-in software that you can find in various Windows operating systems.

You can find CMD in Windows 2000 through Windows 10. In CMD, you can enter all kinds of commands. CMD display is only text with a black screen. So in CMD, you won’t find any images. There is only writing and you just have to enter the command as you want.

With Portable Command Prompt, you don’t even need to access the CMD built into the Windwos operating system. The software is able to run commands just like CMD in Windows OS. That way, you don’t need to open CMD which sometimes not everyone knows how to access Command Prompt.

With Command Prompt Portable, you can directly open CMD easily and quickly. By using Portable Command Prompt, you can enter special commands on a Windows computer or laptop anywhere and anytime.

Take it easy, the appearance of Command Prompt Portable is the same as when you use the default CMD Windows. So you don’t need to be confused and have to understand how to use it. Portable Softwara Command Prompt also has the ability to edit .bat files contained in CommandPromtPortable/Data/batch.

Features of Portable Command Prompt

Command Prompt Portable

Portable Command Prompt Display

One of the capabilities contained in the Portable Command Prompt is that it can be used to edit .bat files. In addition, you can also find several customization tools that you can later use to change some aspects of the application such as cursor color, changing columns, cursors, and so on.

All these changes are managed by .bat files that also use standard DOS commands. As for what makes Command Prompt Portable more popular is because it supports various types of Windows OS, ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 also supports Portable Command Prompt.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also use Command Prompt Portable for free. After you finish installing it, you can immediately use it to configure it according to your needs. It doesn’t cost anything. What’s more, it’s a lightweight application that keeps your computer running smoothly.

Download Command Prompt Portable

We already provided information about Portable Command Prompt. In conclusion, this is the best software that has the same function as CMD. But Command Prompt Portable is easier because you don’t need to go to the menus in Windows. Simply open it through your pendrive or hard disk. Download the latest and free Portable Command Prompt via the link below:

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