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CorelDraw X6 is a software that has been used, for those who study graphic design. This software is equipped with unique capabilities, to be able to produce images in digital form.

CorelDraw X6 has accompanied many developers and users for a long time, although there is a newer version called CorelDraw X8, many people still prefer CorelDraw X6 because it suits their needs.

In the end, CorelDraw X6 comes with many excellent features. Of course, there are various interesting features that users can create. CorelDraw X6 is designed to handle larger graphics sizes, with support for working on a higher 64-bit system.

CorelDraw X6 is famous for its wide range of advantages, which are able to create complex graphic images, with an easy-to-use interface. So, it’s no wonder many have been using CorelDraw X6 for graphic design needs for a long time.

Features and Advantages of CorelDraw X6

CorelDraw X6

CorelDraw X6 is one of the graphic design software that has been released for a long time, counting until today, software designed for this one design has lasted for more than 20 years.

With this long age, CorelDraw successfully markets and presents interesting features from each version they update. Until now, CorelDraw X6 is the latest version of CorelDraw.

CorelDraw X6 is designed with the latest design, but that does not mean users of older PC versions cannot run this program. CorelDraw X6 is still very capable of running on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Well, for those of you who are curious about what features are in CorelDraw X6, here are some other interesting advantages of CorelDraw X6, including the following:

Support OpenType

OpenType is a typeface that you can use in CorelDraw X6, previously CorelDraw X6 did not support OpenType. However, in this version of CorelDraw X6 you can already use it.

New Features

CorelDraw X6 has some of the latest features in designing your vector design, now you can use Twirl, Attract, Repeal, and Smear in the latest features in CorelDraw X6.


Another new feature in CorelDraw X6 is Bitmap, you can use this service to the fullest, plus another feature as a stretcher, namely Vector Pattern Fills.

Support System

CorelDraw X6 supports to run on higher systems, namely 64-bit, now you can use CorelDraw X6, on newer versions of Windows namely Windows 11.

Download the Latest CorelDraw X6

Still carrying the same theme, the CorelDraw X6 series still uses a simpler interface as usual. With the addition of some features and a slightly modern look.

CorelDraw X6 is a software that allows you to be able to mix graphic design, this software is equipped with the latest features, which help maximize better vector design. You can get the latest and free CorelDraw X6 download link for Windows below:

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

For the CorelDraw X6 installation process and how to activate it, you can read The tutorial is here. Follow the steps correctly!

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