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Are you someone who has proficiency in programming languages? Maybe you are familiar with an application called Crystal Report. Crystal Report is one of the application packages used to create, translate, and analyze various information contained in the database. The information will then be translated into various types of reports.

Then what are the advantages of Crystal Report? Why should you use this app instead of other apps that have the same functionality? Some of the advantages of the Crystal Report application we will explain below.

  • When you create a report using Crystal Report, you don’t need to do complicated ways or stages.
  • Crystal Report also does not require its users to use a lot of program code.
  • Crystal Report’s program is also widely used and has been integrated with various other languages.
  • Crystal Report also offers the facility of importing from report results that already support various program package formats. Some of them such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, HTML, and others.

In addition, in creating reports using Crystal Report, data is a very important component and must be available. In general, all data will be automatically saved in Databse. There are two ways you can retrieve data from Database aforementioned.

Data Retrieval Methods in Crystal Report

The two data retrieval methods contained in Database are as follows:

1. Pull Mode

Pull Mode is a data retrieval model where the driver will connect to the database. After that, the driver will pull the data according to the user’s request.

Using this retrieval model uses SQL commands which later the data will be handled by Crystal Report. In general, this model is used in retrieving data from databases where the connection does not change and does not require coding.

2. Push Mode

Push Mode is data retrieval or filling data into the Dataset. The data that already exists in the Dataset will then be displayed in the report. This method allows users to establish connections Sharing or split into applications that will then be subdivided before Crystal Report receives the data.

That’s the information we can convey about Crystal Report. You need to know that reports that have been created using Crystal Report still cannot be displayed data. You’ll need another control installed on the form: Crystal Report Viewer.

Download the Latest Crystal Report

This application is specifically designed to make reports where the report can be used for various programming languages which of course are familiar. Some of these programming languages such as Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, Visual C / C ++, Borland Delphi, and other Windows-based programming language applications. Download the latest and free Crystal Report via the link below:

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