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Maybe some of you still don’t know what DirecX 9 is. Broadly speaking, DirectX 9 is widely used for those who have long been involved in the world of PC games. Because DirectX 9 is more often used for those who need hardware and software connections.

DirectX 9 will appear when you want to install a game, and sometimes a notification will appear about updating or activating the DirectX 9 system on the computer. It also has many types, but for this article we will discuss the DirectX 9 version.

Microsoft is the developer of DirectX 9. DirectX 9 is designed as a software that allows to be able to connect hardware and software, so that the configuration process can run properly. However, to make a software or software can work together with a hardware system, then you have to set it up manually using DirectX 9.

Features and Benefits of DirectX 9

DirectX 9

DirectX 9 is a software that makes it easy for you to configure with computer hardware. By using DirectX 9, you can run various types of games more efficiently.

Why should this be done? As we know, that PC devices have very diverse types of specifications. To be able to run this game, you must use a software such as DirectX 9 to be able to display all the graphics and hardware usage accordingly.

Well, for those of you who are curious about what are the interesting features and advantages of DirectX 9, let’s look below:

High Performance

Computers and laptops of course have different hardware components, for example you have both laptops that use Intel and AMD. To be able to operate a game with the same performance, you must use the help of DirectX 9 to adjust to computer components, so that the resulting performance results can be maximized.

Direct Graphic

DirectX 9 is also equipped with the ability to be able to display very good graphics, even DirectX 9 allows to be able to display 2D and 3D graphics configurations very well and smoothly.

Direct Write

For you PC game players, of course every game has various writings or fonts that appear, both for narration to choose settings. Well, DirectX 9 is equipped with text writing features that can be adjusted to computer components.

Direct Compute

DirectX 9 is equipped with features that can be used to optimize the performance capabilities of your computer, one of which is the Direct Compute feature that can read and adjust to CPU capabilities.

Download the Latest DirectX 9

DirectX 9 is a program from Microsoft that can help you develop games on PC. By using DirectX 9, of course you will be greatly helped because the appearance and hardware will be adjusted to computer components. Download the latest and free DirectX 9 for Windows via the link below:

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