Download Epson L310 Drivers for Free (Updated 2023)

Epson is the name of a leading printer manufacturer headquartered in Japan. This name is also used for all printer models it produces. After a long time in the printing world, various types of Epson printers have been distributed in various parts of the world, including the Epson L310 printer.

The Epson L310 printer includes a printer that carries EcoTank technology, so this printer does not use ink cartridges. Instead of cartridges, ink bottles are installed in a built-in tank. These bottles continuously supply ink to the printer until the contents run out.

Features of Epson L310 Printer

Epson L310

Thanks to a special container in the form of a tank that is able to store more printer ink, the Epson L310 printer can print more pages. The frequency of ink refilling is not as frequent as printers that use cartridges. From this alone, it can be seen that EcoTank technology offers significant ink cost efficiency. In other words, EcoTank-based ink filling systems are cheaper than cartridge-based ink filling systems.

EcoTank also, accompanied by excellent original ink quality, allows the Epson L310 printer to print up to 13000 black and white pages and 6500 color pages before the printer ink must be refilled. With such a large capacity, even within two years, it is not certain that an individual user will refill ink.

Filling ink is also guaranteed not to be difficult because Epson ink bottles have clear labels. The design of the bottle is made in such a way that it can be refilled without any ink spilled on the table, but you still have to be careful in doing so.

5760 dpi is the highest print quality an Epson L310 printer is capable of. Dpi itself stands for dots per inch which indicates the number of ink dots contained in each inch of the image. Thus, 5760 dpi indicates that every inch of the image is composed of 5760 ink points.

Download Latest Epson L310 Drivers

What really needs to be remembered in everyday printer use, the more ink points issued, the greater the ink consumption. As a result, printer ink can run out faster if you often print photos in a resolution of 5760 dpi. That’s why photo printing should be done as wisely as possible.

Please also note, in general, the purchase of an Epson L310 printer includes four ink bottles with a capacity of 70 ml and two extra bottles for black ink.

In addition, this ink-efficient printer weighing 2.8 kg has a factory warranty period that is valid for one year or as many as 30 thousand pages. Which occurs first between the two conditions, that is used as a benchmark to determine the expiration of the printer warranty period. Download the latest and free Epson L310 drivers via the link below:

[Windows 32-Bit]

[Windows 64-Bit]

If you need an Epson L310 Resetter to reset the printer, you can download it here.

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