Download Epson L210 Drivers for Free (Updated 2023)

One of the breakthroughs that made Epson much in demand in Indonesia was the infusion printer. Epson has introduced an infusion system since 2010 through several L Series printer products it launched. The number of products at that time was three kinds, namely Epson L100, Epson L200, and Epson L800.

Printer products that use infused system technology were introduced because Epson saw the habits of Indonesian people who use a lot of assembled infusion systems. The purpose of its use is none other than to save printer ink.

It can be said that this infusion system is actually not an innovative breakthrough that was purely born from the hands of the creativity of the product development team at Epson, but was born from the foresight of Epson’s observations on the tendency of Indonesian people to use daily infused printers. From there came the idea to integrate the infusion system as a built-in feature on Epson printers.

With the official launch of infused system printer products, Indonesians no longer need to rely on infused ink tubes installed by third parties.

The quality of the infusion system is logically guaranteed because it was developed by Epson as a printer manufacturer that already has a big name in the world. The success of the three infused printers then prompted Epson to launch another similar product range. One of them is the Epson L210 which comes with the same infusion system. Its inaugural launch was held in Batam city in 2012.

Printer Epson L210

The Epson L210 printer along with several other printer products is designed for home users, students, and small businesses. Compared to the previously released L Series printers, the Epson L210 printer has twice the print speed with good print quality.

Among a number of advantages, for users who want to be as economical as possible in printing documents, perhaps the most impactful on purchasing decisions is the economical side of the Epson L210 printer. One bottle of black ink can produce up to 4000 documents, while three bottles of color ink can print about 6500 sheets.

Epson also embedded Micro Piezo technology in the Epson L210 printer. This innovative advanced technology has been used by Epson for a long time, which is essentially aimed at improving the printer’s ability to produce quality prints.

Epson L210 Printer Specifications

The Epson L210 printer is a 4.4 kg inkjet printer capable of printing as many as 27 monochrome pages per minute and 15 color pages per minute. To print photos using Epson photo paper as the medium, Epson L210 can print 1 photo measuring 10 x 15 cm every 69 seconds.

A scanner engine with CIS (Contact Imaging Sensor) technology is also integrated with the Epson L210 printer that supports an optical resolution of 600 DPI x 1200 DPI. The scan can be saved in image or PDF format. There are 3 image formats supported, namely JPEG, BMP, and TIFF. If you want another image format, such as PNG, you can convert the scan with third-party software.

Download Latest Epson L210 Printer Driver

Regarding the warranty period of the Epson L210, there are two criteria that are used as a benchmark, namely the period of ownership and the intensity of use. In general, the warranty period of an Epson L210 printer is one year calculated after the date of purchase.

However, the warranty period will also be considered to end if the printer has been used to print as many as 15000 sheets. For example, in four months the number of prints has reached that limit, then the warranty period will end at that time. Download the latest and free Epson L210 printer driver via the link below:

Driver Name Windows 32 Bit Windows 64 Bit
Driver for Printer
Driver for Scanner
If you need an Epson L210 Resetter to reset the printer, you can download it here.

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