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Empire Earth is a game with a kingdom theme, allowing players to be invited to build an empire and defend power from outside attacks. This game requires good strategic skills from players, we are invited to think in formulating war plans and strengthening the kingdom.

2001 was the year Empire Earth was released, having been developed by Stainless Steel Studios and published by Sierra On-Line. Empire Earth is the first edition of its continuation four years later, this game will be a recommendation for those of you who want to follow the second and third versions of Empire Earth Games.

This Empire Earth game is generally almost the same as similar games, namely Age of Empires, where both raise similar themes. However, Empire Earth brings a more distinct impression, which combines modernization and culture from the middle ages.

Features and Benefits of Empire Earth

Empire Earth

Empire Earth

Games with a kingdom theme may have become common, we find many old games and even the latest games with a kingdom theme. Players will be invited to build strategies and defend their kingdom.

But unlike Empire Earth, this game combines empire with modernization, where we will build an empire using the help of advanced technology in the current era.

Isn’t it interesting? Therefore, it is not surprising when later we can build power with paved road access, magnificent buildings and others. Building cities and empires will now be more interesting and full of challenges.

Interested in playing Empire Earth? Take a peek at what you can do in this Games, in full:

Building an Airport

Just imagine, in the era of war you have to face many undetected enemies. Now you as a player can build a war strategy by building a special airport to find out where the enemy is.

Building an Empire

You can develop your empire by building infrastructure that suits what the citizens want, you can build roads, farmers’ needs and feed the whole city.


Your kingdom is not always smooth, in that era you have to face various kinds of war threats from the other kingdom. You have to build a strong war strategy to be able to defend the kingdom.

How to Install Empire Earth

  1. Download Empire Earth via the link below.
  2. Extract the Empire Earth file that was accused earlier.
  3. Run Setup.exe.
  4. Empire Earth games are ready to play.

Download Empire Earth Game for Free

For those of you who like challenges in playing Games, then Empire Earth is suitable for you to play. This game provides many challenges to build an entire city and build the right war strategy.

Don’t let your guard down, you could be threatened by an enemy attacking. Let’s play Empire Earth on Windows! Download the latest and free Empire Earth for Windows via the link below:

↓↓↓ Download ↓↓↓

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