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Printer is one of the external computer devices that is in charge of taking data and then printing it. Printer is also defined as an electromagnetic device that functions to convert text and graphic documents (digital) into physical form. A printer is a external peripheral device or additional external devices that will later be connected to the PC via a USB cable. But now there are also wireless printers where there is no need to connect with cables.

There are many brands of printers out there. Each is famous for its ability to print documents with various qualities as desired by users. One of the best printer brands today is Epson. The name Epson is of course familiar because this Epson brand printer is easy to find. Epson has indeed become a printer brand that is widely used to date. The capabilities possessed by Epson printers can be divided into two, namely for print and scan.

Features of Epson Print and Scan

Epson Print and Scan

Epson Print and Scan Display

Then what is the difference between Epson print and scan? In general, printers can be divided into two, non-impact printers and impact printers. Impact printer is a type of printer that functions to read letters. Examples that include impact printers are dot matrix printers and daisy wheel printers. As for non-impact printers, printers that do not use ink tape in carrying out their duties.

The ones that include non-impact printers are laser printers and inkjet printers. Each type of printer that we have mentioned has a different way of working. This also has an impact on the quality of the print is not the same. Then what about scanners? Scanner is a tool to move physical documents and display them in digital form.

There is just need to prepare the documents you want to scan. After that, hover your mouse and click scan. This tool will do its job to scan the document and display it on the computer screen. Today, the ability of scanners has grown rapidly and not just to scan documents. There are already multi-function scanners that also have the ability to copy, print, and fax.

Download Epson Print and Scan

Epson print has the ability to print documents or print digital data into physical data. You don’t need to doubt the quality of the print. Meanwhile, scanning is a process of input images to a computer or laptop using a tool called an Image Scanner.

As for the scanner, this is a tool used to input data in the form of images and then it will be processed on a computer. Data from the scanner will then be displayed on the screen and then processed by the computer manually.

Data obtained through the scanner can then be directly entered in all computer applications that have the ability to recognize the text of the American Standard Code for Information Intercharge or ASCII. Download the latest and free Epson Print and Scan for Windows via the link below:

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