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Feeding Frenzy is a game that shows that the law of the jungle applies everywhere, including at sea. You control a fish named Andy to prey on other smaller fish while avoiding the bigger ones.

While playing the game, you can also gain knowledge because at the end of each level information appears about marine animals such as the name of the smallest fish in the world, the largest barracuda fish ever caught, the way starfish digest food, the way puffer fish protect themselves, and so on.

Rules of the Game Feeding Frenzy

What is Feeding Frenzy

The essence of the game is to prey on as many fish as possible in a short period of time. To chase down runaway prey, you are given a skill called Fish Dash Attack that allows you to move faster than usual.

This skill can also be used to escape from predatory fish that on average have a ferocious look. To do this, tap the touchpad or click the left button on the mouse just once.

There are other skills that allow you to do sucking movements to annex fish that are too agile to catch, but their effectiveness is only within a certain range. In Normal mode, this skill appears after you reach stage 9.

Growth phase

The fish you control can turn bigger once they reach a certain growth phase. At this stage, you can annex the predatory fish that previously hunted you. The sound effect of the annex also sounds more satisfying than when you annex smaller fish.

Whether or not the growth phase is fast is determined by how many fish you prey on and from how fast you prey on fish.

In each mode provided inside Feeding Frenzy, the growth phase becomes the decisive factor in winning.

Normal and Time Attack

There are only two game modes in Feeding Frenzy. For casual play, there’s a Normal mode that only requires you to annex as many fish as possible until the growth phase reaches the highest level. In this mode, the biggest challenge is only predatory fish.

Basically, Time Attack mode is the same as Normal mode, but the biggest hurdle is the time limit. If you still can’t be agile playing the fish you control, you should select Normal mode first.

Download Game Feeding Frenzy for PC

There is also the term School Fish which refers to schools of fish that behave similarly, usually more agile than other fish milling around alone. They will immediately turn around when there is a predatory fish approaching.

To make it easier to catch schools of fish, Feeding Frenzy provides power ups in the form of bubbles such as Speed Boost to speed up movement and Flash Bomb to stop other fish around you. Download the latest and free Feeding Frenzy game via the link below:

Download Game Feeding Frenzy for PC (Free Download) - Matob EN

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