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Do you like to play ball games on your computer or laptop? Of course, you are familiar with Pro Evolution Soccer. This game made by Konami has been transformed as a very famous soccer game. Everyone who likes to play soccer genre games, especially in Asia has certainly played this game. Currently, PES has become a competitor of FIFA and these two games are indeed very popular around the world.

Regarding PES, the latest version is PES 2021. Even though there is a new version, it turns out that not a few who want to play old versions of PES games. One of them is PES 2012. Indeed, if you calculate the difference between PES 2012 and PES 2021 is 10 years. If we compare it in terms of graphics, of course, PES 2021 is much better than PES 2012.

Even so, until now there are still those who play PES 2012. What makes that person still play PES 2012? Here we will discuss a little about PES 2012 and the reasons why there are still many who play it.

PES 2012 at a Glance

PES 2012

PES 2012 is a game made by Konami that was introduced on September 27, 2011. You can play this game both on Playstation 3, Xperia Play, Xbox 360, and also PCs that have Windows operating systems. When it was first introduced, PES game lovers were immediately enthusiastic about seeing the graphics and gameplay presented. This is evident when we play PES 2012, we can see that the gameplay is easy to understand.

As we have explained that there are still people who continue to play PES 2012 even though now the developer may not provide the latest updater. Some of these reasons include:

  • Light: PES 2012 has lightweight specifications. A computer or laptop with standard specifications can already play this game smoothly.
  • Simple Gameplay: if you notice, the gameplay possessed by PES 2012 is very simple. This makes people who play PES 2012 for the first time no longer need to adapt
  • Want to reminisce: The third reason is because there may be some people who want to reminisce about the excitement of playing PES 2012 even though they actually have PC or laptop specifications that support playing the latest PES games

Download Game PES 2012 for PC

After that, when you have actually played PES 2012, you can feel for yourself the excitement of playing this game. PES 2012 presents a different game compared to the previous version, PES 2011.

Moreover, PES 2012 continues to get new player updates even though Konami continues to present PES versions afterwards. However, it seems that for the latest 2021 season update or maybe the previous season, we have not found an update for PES 2012.

Then PES 2012 is getting its place and more and more people are playing it. Especially in PS3 rental places, almost all of them play PES 2012. Even now, even though there is PES 2021, there are still people who still play PES 2012 for several reasons. Download the latest and free PES 2012 game via the link below:

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