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KMPlayer is capable of playing almost all types of audio and video files, including 60FPS videos that have 4K and 8K resolutions. With so many features it carries, this media player offers a high level of customization so that users can set it according to their individual tastes.

Comes in an attractive dark color, KMPlayer includes a media player that is easy to use because almost all options can be accessed through the right-click menu. Users can open files, set subtitles, change languages, take screenshots and so on through the menu.

Features and Advantages of KMPlayer

Download Latest KMPlayer

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KMPlayer comes with various codecs for users to watch videos in various formats. However, KMPlayer also gives users the freedom to install and use codecs from other parties. If it turns out that the codec from outside is not as expected or even causes problems, users can return to using the default KMPlayer codec as before.

In addition to codecs, no less important is audio. In this case, KMPlayer provides an equalizer so that users can improve the sound quality easily even if they don’t have expensive speakers. There are a number of presets that users can choose from such as loudness to raise the volume, full bass to maximize the bass boom, as well as several effects such as normalizer, treble enhancer and so on.

For videos, it’s the same. There are several effects to sharpen the image or add noise and users are also free to determine the saturation, contrast, and brightness levels of the video. And all of them can be applied to videos with hotkeys so that users do not need to repeatedly open the settings window.

As for subtitles, users are given the flexibility to set how subtitles should be displayed. The colors can be changed to make it clearer, the letters can be thickened or tilted, the spacing between characters can be narrowed or widened, and the font size can be enlarged or reduced. Subtitles can also be displayed and hidden with hotkeys.

Regarding the hotkeys themselves, users can find out the hotkeys for each option through the right-click menu or through the settings window. Of course, each hotkey can be changed by the user so as not to clash with hotkeys from other software. Users can also create new hotkeys for other options that still don’t have hotkeys.

Download Latest KMPlayer

As a popular media player, KMPlayer also has a feature that is rather difficult to find in other media players, namely frame capture that is carried out continuously. The interval of each capture can be set so that the number of images taken is not too much. For example, 1 frame for every 2 seconds.

Looking at the completeness of its features, it is clear that KMPlayer is intended for users who want to manage video playback as detailed as possible. Even so, even ordinary users will not find difficulty in using it. After all, its basic features can help to solve minor problems such as subtitles that are too small or others. Download the latest KMPlayer for free via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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