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Playing games on smartphones is fun. Especially if the game is one that is widely played and our level is already Pro in the game. Android games such as Mobile Legends, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and others are games that are now widely played. Those who play these games are not only children, but adults as well.

But sometimes we feel that these games are not so enjoyable to play on a cellphone with a relatively small screen size. Maybe you want to play it on a computer or laptop that does have a larger screen size.

For games that are also available PC version does not make you difficult to play because you just download the game. But what if it turns out that the game is only available for the mobile version? While you want the game to be played on a computer or laptop.

To make that wish come true, you need a game emulator. Emulator is a media used to play android games on computers and laptops. There are many emulators that you can use. But not as much as the emulator is able to play the game you want. One of the best android emulators we recommend is LeapDroid.

Pros and Cons of LeapDroid

Download the Latest LeapDroid

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LeapDroid is an android emulator that offers many interesting features that are not inferior to other best emulators. Many people already use LeapDroid to play their android games on PC.

As a result, these games can be played smoothly and of course more exciting because the screen displayed is larger than the one on the cellphone. This application is also known to be lightweight compared to other applications so that computer performance will not be disturbed.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the LeapDroid emulator we will mention below.

1. Pros of LeapDroid

  • LeapDroid has a simple setup and installation. Users don’t need to worry even if they have never used this emulator.
  • LeapDroid provides many practical features that can make it easier to play Android games without problems.
  • Even if you have a standard computer, the emulator can run quite smoothly.

2. Cons

Perhaps for the shortcomings is only one. There are still some games that apparently cannot be played on the LeapDroid emulator. Even so, you can play common games and many players here.

Download the Latest LeapDroid

This emulator is made specifically for Windows operating system users who want to play android games on their laptops or computers. This emulator has a simple interface so it won’t confuse first-time users.

That’s the information about the LeapDroid emulator. If you are interested, please download it because there are many sites that provide LeapDroid. Downloading it is not difficult. After that you install as usual because the installation process tends to be easy and does not require a long process. Download the latest and free LeapDroid via the link below:

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