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In this day and age watching movies does not always have to be through television. There are many services that make it easy for you to access a variety of interesting and useful movies. These films can also be one of the media to increase your insight. You can also watch the film to just fill your spare time.

One service that allows us to watch movies is Netflix. You can watch interesting movies from different categories. You can also watch various funny and informative videos through YouTube. But for Netflix itself is a premium service.

So you have to subscribe to be able to enjoy the service. But you don’t need to worry because there are still other alternatives. You can take advantage of software that is also useful for providing various interesting impressions. You can watch it for free.

The software that we will discuss is called Leonflix. Leonflix software is indeed a lot of discussion because it offers streaming services that you can enjoy for free. Even though it’s free, you will get a treat of movies that are already in HD quality. That way, the film shown is still exciting.

Features On Leonflix

Features On Leonflix

Although some say that Leonflix is following in the footsteps of Netflix. Moreover, behind it is the suffix “-flix”. But the Leonflix site explains that this software does not aim to provide a variety of movie or video content like on Netflix. Leonflix is a search engine that can be said to be almost the same as Google Search but in a limited scope.

The goal is to find different movies and videos that you want. You can also find TV series through Leonflix. It’s not just about looking for the movie you want. You can also watch the movie directly through Leonflix.

Leonflix has several features as below:

  • Leonflix will help you find the movie or video you want
  • The software has a good level of accuracy so you can find the movie you want
  • Leonflix is a software that can be obtained for free. What’s more, the size is not too big, which is no more than 100 MB
  • The simple interface makes Leonflix easy to use
  • You can also watch movies right away without having to download them first

Download Leonflix Latest

Some people argue that Leonflix is more about Kodi software. It’s just that the difference is that Leonflix has a simpler appearance. This makes it easier for you to use even if you’ve never operated Leonflix before.

Plus Leonflix is compatible with different versions of Windows OS. So the Windows computer you are using now will certainly be able to install Leonflix. As for the size of the software itself is not too big, which is not up to 100 MB. Download the latest Leonflix for free via the link below:

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