Download Latest LightShot 2023 (Free Download)

LightShot is a software used to capture screen or screen capture. So, LightShot will immediately take pictures or capture the screen as you want. By using this software, you can take pictures of the screen faster and certainly more quickly.

You also don’t need to bother opening Paint or other programs. With LightShot, you can do it all in a snap. Then you can directly save it for you to use as needed. LightShot is available for devices using the Windows operating system.

LightShot has been widely used. With just 2 clicks, you can immediately get a screenshot or screenshot on your PC or laptop. In addition, you can also edit the screenshots easily. A software that is very useful and becomes one of the best for screen capture.

LightShot Features

LightShot Features

There are several mainstay features owned by LightShot. What are these features?

  • Screen Capture Quickly: LightShot can instantly capture the screen as you direct. The process took place very quickly. It takes less than 3 seconds and you can already get the screenshot
  • Freely Choose Screenshot Area: Software for Windows devices also provides convenience for each user. So, you can choose which part you will screenshot. Just two clicks and the screen will automatically capture
  • Easy to Use: anyone who uses LightShot will most likely have no trouble. Why? Because you can directly click the LightShot icon and automatically just choose which screen you will screenshot. This will make your work easier and faster to complete
  • Easily Share Screenshots: once you finish taking a screenshot on PC or Windows, you can share it right away. Later you can directly upload the screenshot and upload it to the server. Later you will immediately get a link and you can directly share it with others
  • Edit Features Available: after capturing the screen with LightShot, You can also edit the results. There is an editing feature that has been provided to make the image as you want

Download the Latest LightShot

At least that’s some of the features in LightShot. In addition to the above features, what makes it widely used is the support of multiple platforms. It turns out that LightShot can be used for devices that use Windows or Mac. In addition, LightShot is also available for some software such as Opera, Chrome, IE, and Firefox. It’s this ease of convenience that makes LightShot more widely used.

After knowing some important information about LightShot. Now is the time where you have to download it. There is a link you can visit to get LightShot. Download the latest and free LightShot via the link below:

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