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In September 2018, Microsoft Office 2019 was released to the public. As usual, there are several plans to choose from, but the most common plan is Office Home & Student 2019 which contains PowerPoint, Word and Excel, each license of which costs $149.99. While Office Professional 2019, in addition to these three software, also contains Outlook, Access and Publisher. The price is more expensive, which is $439.99 for each license.

Both licenses above are only allowed for 1 PC. So if you want to install Microsoft Office 2019 on several PCs, you have to buy as many licenses as the number of PCs. And there’s one more thing to keep in mind, Microsoft Office 2019 only supports Windows 10. Perhaps among users there are already those who tried it in Windows 7 or another version and it worked, but the risk is that the system becomes more prone to errors when updates “appear.

Microsoft Office 2019 features

Microsoft Office 2019 Screenshot

Microsoft Office 2019 view

Since the Ribbon interface was first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, the look of Microsoft Office has not changed much, but in terms of productivity this consistency is actually good. If each version appears with a drastically changed appearance, then users must get used to the new look to be able to return to using it smoothly as usual.

Changes that appear usually occur in Microsoft Office features. For example, the Learning Tools feature is intended to make text look more comfortable to read. It includes options to widen the border between text and the edges, change the background color of the page, and widen or narrow the distance between words. Somewhat interesting are the Syllables because each word is displayed based on its individual syllable and each syllable is separated by a mid-period. Morning becomes pa·gi, night becomes ma·lam, and so on.

Text can also be listened to by enabling Read Aloud. Users can select the text they want to listen to, speed up the reading speed, choose a voice, and go back to the previous paragraph or skip to the next paragraph. Users who often use Read Aloud can include it in Quick Access to make access easier.

In addition to being read aloud, text can also be dictated so you don’t have to type. Whatever you say in front of the microphone, those words are automatically converted to text in Microsoft Word.

Download Microsoft Office 2019 (from the Microsoft site)

Microsoft Office 2019 licenses are perpetual, so you only have to pay once. This kind of license is called a Perpetual License. Unlike Office 365 licenses which are based on subscriptions (registrations) so that payments are made repeatedly.

However, Microsoft Office 2019 users will not get updates in the form of new features, while Office 365 users will always get these updates. Updates for Microsoft Office 2019 only revolve around bug fixes and security flaws. Download the latest and free Microsoft Office 2019 from the official Microsoft website below:

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