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Microsoft Visio 2013 was released in January 2013 along with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, and a number of other Microsoft products incorporated in a software package known as Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Visio 2013 is a popular software that offers a ton of features for designing hundreds of different types of professional diagrams. Just like the previous version, Microsoft still adds a ribbon user interface to this product to make it easier for users to use its features.

Microsoft Visio 2013 Features

What is Microsoft Visio 2013?

New set of shapes

Microsoft Visio 2013 comes with a collection of themes and shapes that are redesigned so that diagrams look more modern, but how far a diagram is able to visualize data certainly still depends on the creativity of each user.

With this new set of shapes, you can create more varied diagrams for floor plans, organizational structures, software development, architecture, and for a variety of other purposes.

There are also several visual effects that you can choose to apply to shapes, such as reflection, bevel, 3D rotation, glow, and soft edges.

When editing a diagram, you can also move from one shape to another using the keyboard when you don’t want to use the mouse. Press the tab key to move the highlight focus to the next shape, and press the shift+tab keys to move to the previous shape.

Mini Toolbar

Another improvement in Microsoft Visio 2013 can be seen in the Mini Toolbar that appears when you right-click on a drawing panel or on a shape. A number of features have been added to the toolbar such as Connector Tools, Shape Styles, and Drawing Tools.

New file formats

In previous versions, Microsoft Visio only supported proprietary file formats. In Microsoft Visio 2013, a new file format appeared with the extension .vsdx which is an XML-based file format. This file format allows Visio diagrams to be used by other software, for example to be integrated with SharePoint so that one diagram can be edited by multiple people.

Integration with the Cloud

Microsoft Visio 2013 makes it easy for users to open and save files online. By connecting your OneDrive account and Microsoft Visio 2013, you can access Visio files in OneDrive through Save, Save As, and Open on the Microsoft Visio 2013 backstage page.

Download Microsoft Visio 2013

Microsoft Visio 2013 also allows you to replace existing shapes with other shapes without deleting data. The connector shape that connects the shape with other shapes will also remain unerased.

Many other conveniences are provided by Microsoft Visio 2013. There are various efficiency features aimed at trimming the stages in diagram creation so that the preparation and editing of diagrams in Microsoft Visio 2013 can be completed faster than when using previous versions of Microsoft Visio. Download the latest and free Microsoft Visio 2013 via the link below:

[Windows 32-bit]

[Windows 64-bit]

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