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Have you ever checked how fast your internet connection is? We can find out how fast the internet connection we are using. There is an application made specifically to perform the task. This application will let us know how fast the internet connection is when we browse, steaming, or doing various other activities on the internet.

The application we are referring to is NetSpeedMonitor. As the name implies, you can use this application to measure the speed of the internet connection both on a computer and laptop. With NetSpeedMonitor, you can know approximately how big the connection is when we access the internet in real-time. That means, this application makes it easy for you to find out how big and fast the internet connection you are using.

NetSpeedMonitor is a lightweight application so it will not make the RAM on your PC or laptop work hard. To find out more about NetSpeedMonitor, please listen to the information we will share below.

Features of NetSpeedMonitor

Download Latest NetSpeedMonitor

NetSpeedMonitor Display

Then what are the features that NetSpeedMonitor has? Some of the main features and including widely used features include:

1. Real time Monitoring

The main feature possessed by NetSpeedMonitor is Real Time Monitoring. As the name suggests, by using this feature, you can immediately monitor internet speed. We can immediately know how fast the connection we are using.

The speed graph will continue to change. Meanwhile, when we are not doing any internet activities but are still connected to the internet or terms Idle, then the graph is in a small number or it can be 0.

2. Perform unification as desired

The second feature of NetSpeedMonitor is that you can make various customizations or settings to your liking. You can specify the unit of connection speed (bitrate) that you will use.

In addition, this feature also allows you to set the chart layout as desired. Not only that, NetSpeedMonitor will also allow you to adjust the size, typeface, and Style that you will use.

Download Latest NetSpeedMonitor

The next feature owned by the NetSpeedMonitor application is Traffic Data. You can find out how big of a connection you have used. You just set up Network Interface In accordance with the interface you want when accessing the internet. After that, user data will immediately appear from the connection.

  • Sent, Shows how many upload connections or uploads you’ve used
  • Receive, The number of download connections or downloads you already use, including streaming and browsing

You can also use the Group. You can use this to find out what your internet data usage looks like every day or every month. There is also a choice Unit which you can use to select the unit of speed. Download the latest and free NetSpeedMonitor via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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