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Are you familiar with the term Emulator? As Gamers maybe you’ve heard the name Emulator jnes console, WinKawaks, ePSXe, PCSX, PCSX2, Dolphin, and so on. As a programmer, you may also have known VirtualBox, VMWare, Microsoft Virtual PC (Hyper-V), QEMU, and others. But for those of you who are not familiar with this term, still curious what it is Emulator.

Nutshell Emulator is a PC computer application program whose function is to virtualize a system. There are many types of operating systems for PC platforms on the market. In general, there are three (3) major platforms, namely Linux, Windows, and Mac. Each platform has its own substance.

In the Linux category, this substance is commonly referred to by the term distribution. So, let’s say you hear the term RedHat 9 distribution, meaning it’s a derivative of the RedHat Linux distribution. If it is an Ubuntu MATE distribution, it means that it is a derivative of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. And there are many more examples, you can explore on your own with the help of Search Engines.

Android actually belongs to the category of Linux distributions. The development of this one operating system has grown so rapidly over the past few years, especially after the development rights license was claimed by the giant Search Engines Google.

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Well, back to the main topic. The basic working principle of Nox App Player is a Emulator which virtualizes the Android operating system. Unlike virtualization on VirtualBox or VMWare, Nox is specifically designed for android software virtualization. So it cannot be installed Windows, Mac, or other Linux distributions.

Nox works as an android device, without connecting with external android devices. When you install Nox, you will feel like you have a new smartphone, but virtual.

Nox is made based on Android distributions, for example Nox which is made based on Android 4.2.2, you can’t force it to work like Android 5.0.0. So, the operating system is installed Built-in or bundled. So, customize the version of Nox you’ll install based on your experiment’s needs.

Download Nox App Player Latest

The main strength of Nox lies in its choice of settings, it is more flexible than you use the original (physical) device. The amazing thing is that users get the feature to root against Emulator. This allows users to experiment so freely. For those of you who are still learning Rooting, maybe you can start by using this application first.

Another interesting feature is, users can do drag-drop from the PC desktop into the window Emulator Nox. Users can drag-drop File photo or File APK directly without USB Debugging intermediary, USB OTG emulation, peer-to-peer, Downloads, and so on. Download the latest and free Nox App Player via the link below:

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