Download Opera Browser 32/64-bit Offline (Updated 2023)

Opera Browser is a software used to surf in cyberspace. Opera Browser is a web browsing software that supports many features and uses. Opera Browser has a quota saving feature through its data compression feature.

Features and Usability

Download the Latest Opera Browser

Opera Browser Display

1. Browsing and Add-Ons support

The first feature of Opera Browser software is browsing the internet, easily and safely. Like other web browser software. In addition, Opera Browser supports integration with additional Add-Ons, in order to get better and complete functionality.

2. Save Quota with Data Compression

Since the availability of the Opera Mini browser on Java J2ME devices before the era of Android, Opera is famous as a minimalist web browser that saves quota, because of the support of its data compression feature, which allows the compression process to be done while browsing the web. So when you open a web page, and receive the web response displayed, the web data is already in compressed form.

3. Integrated Security Features and Popup-Blocker

Opera Browser software, besides being easy and comfortable to use, also has fairly good security features. By default, Opera Browser software has embedded security features against attacks or malware attacks and phishing. In addition, Opera Browser software also supports user convenience by blocking popups that are scattered when we browse websites, especially for popups that come from ads.

4. Lightweight and resource-friendly

As a web browser software that improves user experience in terms of convenience of use, Opera uses as efficiently as possible existing system resources, as well as fundamental features that are needed in users’ web browsing activities. In the UI of the Opera Browser software itself, we will find the display used is quite easy to use.

5. Integration with VPN

VPN is an important feature that bridges external communication on the Internet. By using a VPN, you can get external communication access to information that cannot be obtained without using a VPN.

Well, by using Opera Browser software, we can easily use VPN facilities on the system through VPN integration into Opera Browser software, both for streaming media, and getting channel information from outside.

Download the Latest Opera Browser

In conclusion, Opera Browser software is a browser that has an attractive UI appearance, besides also being easy to use. The data compression feature, especially, is an advantage of Opera Browser compared to other browsers on the Internet.

With Opera Browser, we do not need an additional tunneling process to be able to get quota savings, because by default, Opera Browser is a browser that has done the data compression process at the time before the data is received in the system. Download Opera Browser for free via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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