Download Paint 3D for PC Latest 2023 (Free Download)

Paint 3D is an update application from classic paint. However, the difference is that 3d paint has a variety of tools that we can use to draw on a 2D canvas or 3D objects. You can use various kinds of brushes and other tools on the Art Tools menu.

Choose a color through the color pallet or you can use a color stick to pick up colors that are already available on your canvas. If you want to add another custom color to the pallette, then you can click the + Add color menu.

If the color you get is perfect, then choose a brush and scratch it directly onto your canvas. You can also use various object models such as basic 3D through the 3D object menu. It is used to paint into 3D.

Features and Benefits of Paint 3D for PC

Paint 3D for PC

Paint 3D for PC is an application that was already known in April 2016 in Windows 10. And now this app is available on Windows Phone. With a simple appearance, this application is very easy to use. What’s more, the features of this application are also quite complete.

Creating 3D Objects

The Pint 3D app allows you to turn 2d objects into 3D objects. The steps taken are also very easy. What’s more, this application has a variety of simple 3D object templates so it is suitable for users who are just learning.

3D Text

Just like other editor applications, you can also use Paint 3D to create writing or text. Not only plain text, Paint 3D you can use to create 3D writing. We can also adjust the alignment style, font, color to the letters such as bold, italics, and underline.


To use the sticker feature, you just need to paste it onto your 3D object and then the sticker will stick for real because it adjusts to the contour of the object.

Supports Multiple Formats

To save files, Paint 3D for PC already supports various types of extensions. You can save image files with .JPG, .PNG, . FBX and so on.

Download Latest Paint 3D for PC

The app is very accessible to users, both beginners and experts. Although not as complete as blender or 3D Max, Auodesk and others, but the 3D paint application remains an option for users who want to create simple 3D objects. What’s more, the results of 3D objects generated in this application are quite cool and interesting.

With the features and advantages above, you can get printed images with 3d or 2d display. Because this application already supports 3D and 2D printers. Are you interested in downloading the Paint 3D for PC application? Download the latest and free Paint 3D for PC via the link below:

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