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PotPlayer is a video and audio player software originally developed by Daum before it was merged and now renamed Kakao. Besides being able to play multimedia files from inside your computer, PotPlayer can also be used to watch YouTube videos. Its support for various subtitle formats also makes it easier for you to watch foreign language movies.

The look of PotPlayer is minimalist and changes according to the type of file being played. If what is playing is an audio file, then the display will shrink into a mini-sized window that can be pinned to the screen.

By default it appears in English, but you can change it to Indonesian. Language switching will be applied directly without the need to restart PotPlayer.

Features and Benefits of PotPlayer

Download Latest PotPlayer

Latest PotPlayer Look

Videos opened with PotPlayer will be added to the playlist along with other videos with the same title. For example The Big Bang Theory s05e04, The Big Bang Theory s05e5, and so on. All videos in a folder can also be added simultaneously to a Playlist. The trick is to drag and drop the folder into the PotPlayer window or by pressing the F2 key. Both of these methods will add the entire video including the videos that are in subfolders.

How to add videos from YouTube is basically the same. The easiest way is to drag and drop the video URL into PotPlayer. You can also add YouTube playlists as long as they have Public status. The video quality can also be selected after successfully inserting it into PotPlayer.

There’s actually an even easier way to add YouTube videos to PotPlayer, but this method requires a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension called PotPlayer YouTube Shortcut. With this extension, a video or playlist can be watched on PotPlayer just by right-clicking.

Another feature is bookmarks. When watching a movie, there may be scenes that invite question marks or are very memorable. You can bookmark the scene so that later you can watch it again without having to look for what minute the scene happened. Each bookmarked scene is displayed as a thumbnail and grouped by file name.

Watching foreign language movies without subtitles is certainly uncomfortable. In this case PotPlayer provides various options for searching and downloading subtitles, changing the font and color of subtitles, making them transparent and so on. You can even set PotPlayer to translate subtitles directly for all the languages it supports using Bing or Google Translate.

Download Latest PotPlayer

Judging from its interface and number of features, it can be concluded that PotPlayer is a video player that pays great attention to appearance and functionality. The number of features may overwhelm some users when exploring it.

But on the other hand, the abundance of such features also allows users to set up PotPlayer in as much detail as possible. Download the latest and free PotPlayer via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit]

[Windows 64 Bit]

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