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Various kinds of games have been released by game developers from all over the world, of course, each game has its own theme and characteristics. Thus, attracting gamers to play it. Playing games is one way to fill your spare time, therefore there are many games with various challenges.

Among the many games that have been released, in this article we will discuss one of the interesting games that has an exciting adventure theme. This game is a simulation of survival in wild forests, so it will trigger your adrenaline when playing it.

Raft is a game developed by Redbeet Interactive, and officially published digitally for PC games by Axolot Games. Raft is a PC game that you can play on your gaming PC.

Raft has excellent graphic quality, so the experience of playing games and surviving in the wild will feel more realistic. Interested in playing Raft? Here we review some of the advantages and interesting features of Raft.

Features and Advantages of Raft


Raft is a survival game that allows you to participate in a simulation of survival in the wild. Here, you can play games by building a small house as a place to rest, survive by hunting animals such as catching fish, to fight predator threats such as bear attacks.

No need to worry about the Player Skills offered in this game, you can hunt by diving, because players have been equipped with Basic Features. Swimming and Diving are special abilities that are equipped with every player in Raft.

Isn’t it interesting? You can play this wild survival simulation on Raft. For those of you who are curious, here are other features of Raft, including:

High Graphics Performance

Raft offers advantages in the appearance of the game interface. Raft has a very advanced interface, with high graphics support. Even this game can only be played on the GeForce GTX 500 series graphics version, or higher.

RAM usage

Raft itself was developed specifically for PC gaming, so it requires higher RAM to be played. This game requires at least 4 GB of RAM for your PC, in order to operate smoothly and high performance.

Fight Against Danger

Survival in the wild, means you are prepared for a wide variety of predator threats. Raft allows you to survive, by crafting weapons and fighting with a wide variety of predators in the wild, from bear threats to sharks as you Diving.

Download Latest Raft

Tired of playing Single Player? Raft can also be played by inviting your friends to play together, but you need a stable internet connection of course. Play the excitement of survival in the wild with your friends and companions.

For those of you who want to try playing Survivor games, maybe Raft is one of the best games. High graphics support, as well as high audio quality allow you to experience a more challenging UX. Download the latest and free Raft for Windows via the link below:

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