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In the past, school exams were carried out by printing various questions onto paper. One school alone needs hundreds of sheets for each subject. Imagine if the school has 10 subjects which must be how many papers must be spent. It was only for one school only. Then what about other schools? What if the exam is held throughout Indonesia?

You can’t imagine how many thousands or maybe millions of papers are spent from junior high school to high school. This will continue to happen every year and of course if the condition is left unchecked it will definitely cause unwanted impacts. Not to mention that we have to correct the answers of those students one by one. Of course, it will take a very long time and our energy will be drained a lot.

Therefore, there are various innovations to make it easier for teachers and students to carry out exams. There are many applications to facilitate the task of such teachers and students. One of these innovations is the presence of the Safe Exam Browser application. However, this application only acts as an auxiliary application to assist in the smooth implementation of online exams.

Uses of Safe Exam Browser

Download Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser Display

What is Safe Exam Browser? As the name implies, this application is a browser for the purposes of carrying out exams. Maybe the name Safe Exam Browser is still not too familiar. Though this application is one of the best compared to several other applications that have the same function.

Safe Exam Browser or commonly abbreviated as SEB will make users only open the website or online exam questions they are doing. It can be said that the application will act as a lock on the application or website that is being accessed by the client.

In addition, Safe Exam Browser is also integrated with several systems such as Moddle and Ilias. One of the advantages of Safe Exam Browser is that this application has a nice appearance and is easy to understand. So, you don’t have to worry about having difficulties when you first access it.

Download the Latest Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser helps in accessing the web and will then display it in full screen. At UNBK you may be familiar with an application called ExambroClient. Actually, this Safe Exam Browser application is only used on clients so that it helps in accessing online-based exams.

This is because when you only use a regular browser, it can’t look full or full screen. However, when you use Safe Exam Browser then the screen display can be full and will also be locked. In other words, students can’t go out of that window or website to look for answers on other sites. Download the latest and free Safe Exam Browser via the link below:

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