Download Latest Simple Sticky Notes 2023 (Free Download)

Simple Sticky Notes is the default software of the Windows operating system. You can find the software on Windows 7, Windows 8, and also Windows 10. As the name implies, Simple Sticky Notes is a simple note that makes it easy for you to jot down various important information.

The function of Simple Sticky Notes is similar to memos. Then the memo will automatically stick to the desktop screen of your computer or laptop. So every time you turn on your device, Simple Sticky Notes will automatically appear with the notes you’ve created.

Usually people use Simple Sticky Notes because they don’t want to miss important information. It can also be to remind them of work deadlines or tasks that have not been completed. The presence of Simple Sticky Notes software certainly makes it easier for people who tend to be forgetful.

They could remember information they had recorded before. Compared to writing in notepad, writing notes in Simple Sticky Notes is much more effective. When writing in notepad, you still have to open the notepad to see the notes.

Features of Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes

As we explained that Simple Sticky Notes is Windows’ built-in software for taking notes. This software is very simple and anyone can immediately use Simple Sticky Notes even if they have never tried it before. There are several features and advantages contained in Simple Sticky Notes.

  • Simple Sticky Notes is a simple software that won’t be difficult for its users
  • If you are bored with the color display in Simple Sticky Notes, you can immediately replace it. The method is very easy, you just right-click on Simple Sticky Notes and choose the color you want. There are several color options available such as blue, green, pink, purple, white, and so on
  • The next plus is that the notes you have written Simple Sticky Notes will not disappear even if your computer or laptop dies. The Windows operating system will automatically save your notes. Unlike the case when using notepad where you still have to save it first
  • Even if you take out Simple Sticky Notes, your notes don’t disappear and will still appear as long as you don’t delete them (click the cross). But if you only close the Simple Sticky Notes software, your notes are still stored
  • You can use Simple Sticky Notes for free because it is the default Windows software

Download Simple Sticky Notes

When you take notes in Simple Sticky Notes, you can see your notes right away without having to reopen them. Everything will be displayed automatically and you just have to check it directly.

Simple Sticky Notes can be used for various needs. Let’s say you want to make notes about work, subject matter, lecture material, and so on. Download the Latest Simple Sticky Notes for free for Windows via the link below:

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