Top 10 High Paying Careers in Business

Are you considering a career in business but wondering which roles pay the most? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 highest paying careers in the business industry,

From investment banking to management consulting, these roles offer not only high salaries, but also exciting and challenging work. Keep reading to discover which business careers made the cut and how you can start on the path to success in one of these roles.

Top 10 High Paying Careers in Business

A career in Business management is a broad field with different employment opportunities for the right candidates. To get the right job, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business studies or business management.

Below is the list of highest paying business jobs.

1. Social Media Analyst

Total pay is US :  $55,342 per year

Average pay : $51,536 per year.

Social Media Analyst is someone whose job is to increase company engagement by utilizing social media and optimizing SEO (search engine optimization).

This profession aims to increase online traffic and brand exposure from social media platforms.Generally, people who undergo this profession have an educational background in marketing or social media management.

However, anyone can jump into this profession with expertise in social media and SEO.Social media analysis is considered a relatively new career. The opportunity to enter into it is undoubtedly huge for you.

2. Marketing Manager

Total Pay in US : $75,465 per year

Avg Pay is US : $68,111 per year.

A marketing Manager is a professional in the marketing field who is fully responsible for a program or policy related to marketing. A marketing manager is a position that plays a vital role in achieving company turnover or profits.

Marketing Manager is not only responsible for product marketing, but you’ll also be required to follow digital trends to do digital marketing.

Marketing Managers are required not only to look at the situation or market share in the present but also in the future. A marketing manager must be able to see existing marketing opportunities or opportunities, formulate them into a marketing program and run them.

Along with the tasks owned by the Marketing Manager, responsibilities will be held so that all marketing activities can run well. Starting from being responsible for the marketing strategy that has been prepared.

3. Human Resources Manager

Total pay in US:  $81,025 per year

Avg pay in US: $73,880 per year

HR Manager is undoubtedly different from HR Staff. HR Manager is usually defined as someone in charge of the HR division that deals with recruitment management, development and training, and other activities for the company’s employees.

While HR Staff or HR Officers are those responsible for providing support in various HRD functions such as recruitment, staffing, training and development, monitoring, and employee counselling.

4. Sales Manager

Total pay in US: $117,018 per year

Avg pay in US: $76,495 per year

Achieving a career as a Sales Manager requires years of education and experience as a sales representative in a company.

A Sales Manager is responsible for leading the Sales Department. their jobs include supervising and managing the team to achieve targets. They will also guide the sales team in optimizing results-oriented sales activities.

The sales Manager is the first person to plan all sales process stages. The stages start from setting prices, optimizing products, and determining the target buyer based on sales data analysis.

As a sales team leader, a Sales Manager must oversee performance based on individual and group sales targets. You’ll create a training program to optimize sales.

5. Operations Manager

Total pay in US : $99,255 per year

Avg pay in US : $67,138 per year

Operations Manager is a person who is responsible for managing all issues that take place in a company, including the management of the workforce, as well as goods/services produced by a company.

Operations managers are essential to improve organizational performance and suppressing possible risks from occurring. Due to the broad scope of work areas, communication skills and management skills are needed by an operational manager.

6. Business Analyst

Total pay in US : $81,920 per year

Avg pay in US : $76,263 per year.

A business analyst is a job that assists businesses in improving processes, services, products and software through data analysis. They use data to present business insights/information as well as recommend changes in that business.

Suppose the company tries to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In that case, business analysts will be one of the important people behind it.

This role acts as a mediator/bridge between IT and business to improve efficiency, from work processes, products, and services, to the software/tools used.

The scope of work for business analysts is included in one of the specializations in data analytics, specifically for business operations.

7. Data Scientist

Total pay in US : $125,417 per year

Avg Pay in US : $103,331 per year

Data scientists are experts whose job is to collect and analyze data sets. Either structured or not. From there, the data scientist’s job is to collect patterns and research the data thoroughly.

The goal is to draw conclusions from the results of the data analysis. So, later the conclusion is used to determine the business decisions required by the company. That way, companies can follow up on data information from data scientists.

There are a series of processes carried out by data scientists to get valuable insights from data. From identifying relevant questions, collecting data from various sources, analyzing, finding trends, and managing data from these trends, to creating data visualizations.

So, to do all these things, a data scientist uses computer science, mathematics, and statistics a lot in his daily life.

8. Accounting Manager

Total pay in US : $97,094 per year

Avg pay in US : $78,090 per year

Why is the accounting manager profession so important? This profession plays a vital role in the company’s financial management process. Many companies are ready to provide a high salary for an accounting manager who is an expert in managing finances!

The accounting manager himself has an important task, especially in managing the company’s finances. As well as monthly financial preparation and reporting made to monitor the company’s financial condition.

Working in accounting management is also required to monitor and empower the department. It aims to run the finance department works weel and provides satisfactory work results.

9. Finance Manager

Total pay in US : $153,662 per year

Avg pay in US : $97,978 per year.

The finance manager is a critical position in a company because it is the spearhead related to finance. What are the primary duties and responsibilities of a financial manager?

The role of a financial manager can vary depending on the size and complexity of an enterprise. For example, the financial manager could carry out focused activities such as strategy analysis in a larger company.

This activity serves to help senior managers make the best decisions. This may include interpreting financial information and predicting future trends.

In smaller companies, the finance manager may have a much more comprehensive range of responsibilities or may manage the entire finance function.

10. Product Manager

Total pay in US : $127,856 per year

Avg pay in US : $102,221 per year.

The Product Manager is the person responsible for the development and success of a product. In practice, the Product Manager or PM has the task of product development, identifying customer needs, developing strategies, and managing the team so that all plans can run well.

The term Product Manager is relatively new, so you can easily find this position in startups or technology companies. In his work, the Product Manager coordinates with technical teams such as software engineers, data scientists, and product designers.

However, PM also has different duties depending on the company’s industry. For example, in financial services or banking, the Product Manager is more in charge of developing a financial operating plan to project profit and loss for a product. So if you want to apply for a job as Product Manager, remember to pay attention to the requirements and the type of company.

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