Python Developer Salaries for Freshers and Experienced

Python is no longer just used for web development and SEO. It has a wide range of software libraries and supports diverse programming paradigms, making it easy to read and scale for larger applications.

If you’re considering a career in Python development, you may be wondering about the average salary for Python developers.

Recently, Python has been implemented in emerging fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, fintech, IoT, and big data analytics, leading to an increase in its popularity.

It ranks first in the IEEE Spectrum’s 2019 list of high-level programming languages, and fourth in the TIOBE index which analyzes the popularity of various programming languages.

TIOBE predicts that Python will soon surpass C++ to become one of the top three languages.

Python Programming Overview

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics that can be used on various platforms, especially platforms focusing on code readability (Source: Python).

Developers usually use Python for prototyping and scripting to manage infrastructure and load websites on a large scale.

Python programming is open source, meaning anyone can create and develop websites, games, desktop GUIs, and software. When

Python was launched in 1992, it was made in a relatively intuitive way to write and understand, which is why this programming language is widely used by non-programmers such as accountants and scientists for various jobs such as managing finances.

Python Developer Careerpath

As you probably know, most jobs have different “labels” attached to them. It’s the same with Python jobs – there are generally three different types of developers.

These will also be the types we will use in this article to ensure consistency and avoid confusion. They are entry-level (beginner), junior, and senior Python developers. So, let’s start with an entry-level Python developer job description.

1. Python Developer Entry-Level

Suppose you love Python programming and have graduated from college or university with a degree in Computer Science or Programming but have yet to gain prior work experience.

In that case, you could fall into the entry-level (or beginner) Python developer category. This group is mainly made up of people who love Python but are still trying to become developers of this company’s most sought-after programming language.

As for beginner Python jobs, only a few companies hire pure beginners. Most entry-level Python enthusiasts opt for an internship – however, it is an option for those attending higher education institutions.

That said, you can still find beginner Python jobs – it’s just not easy, and you need to make a good impression and charm your potential employer!

Entry Level Responsibilities

As an entry-level Python developer, your primary duties and responsibilities will be learning the company’s ins and outs, familiarizing yourself with the tasks handled, establishing workflows, and so on.

When you’re just starting out, most companies will be watching you. Your progress – if you organize your workflow well, you’re much more likely to be rewarded as an employee than if you were a careless employee from the start.

Entry-Level Python Developer Salaries

According to, the average salary that most Python jobs offer entry-level Python developers (and those close to achieving Python developer positions) is around $72,600 per year. That’s a fantastic salary for an entry-level job!

2. Python Developer Junior

Junior Python developers are an interesting group but challenging to analyze. This is for several main reasons. For starters, a junior-level Python developer will be your most common job in this field.

This is a large group of programmers – naturally, there is stiff competition for any career position in this company’s most sought-after programming language.

The transition from entry-level to junior-level Python developer is irregular. This is where the complexity comes in – there needs to be a more strictly defined guide to becoming a junior Python programmer.

As you gain some experience, study the subject for several years (or months – depending on how motivated you are?), and geez! – you are a junior Python developer.

Junior Python Developer Responsibilites

In most junior Python jobs, your responsibilities will revolve around writing good, reusable code, working with scalable applications, dealing with security issues and their prevention, integrating various elements, and so on.

Junior Level Python Developer Salaries

Believe it or not, Glassdoor estimates that a junior Python developer’s average salary is around $73,014 per year.

3. Python Programmer Senior

Senior Python developers are the most experienced experts in the industry.

They aren’t just experts in Python programming – usually, these people are fluent in two or three programming languages, have a good understanding of programming philosophy, can multitask, and are excellent team players.

Programmer Senior Responsibilities

Apart from being the one to take care of everything and the most difficult tasks, you also have to keep an eye on your less experienced co-workers. Please share your knowledge in the form of tips and tricks, test their skill level, check their progress

Programmer Senior Salaries

Finally, we’ll cover senior Python developer salaries. Since the old developer is in the best position in the industry, their salary should represent the hard work, dedication, and effort these people have put in. Let’s see if it really is like that. states that senior Python developers make around $86,100 annually. This is a large number, but remember – this is just a basic average! You can see a much higher number if you search again!

Skills Required

According to Edureka, there is still no clear definition of this one profession. The reason is that a Python developer can be anything with his abilities.

For example, becoming a web developer, software engineer, data analyst, or even a data scientist. However, each company has its own policy in determining the job desc of this profession.

Reporting from Job Hero, here are some of the responsibilities of a Python developer, including:

1. Maintain existing programs

One of the primary responsibilities of this profession is to maintain programs and applications already owned by the company. So, if there is a problem with the program or application, he must immediately find a solution to overcome it.

2. Write new programs

The next responsibility of a Python developer is to write scripts to create new programs and applications. It aims to increase the productivity of programs or applications owned by the company.

3. Reprogram the database

One of the other responsibilities of this profession is reprogramming existing databases to increase their data capacity and functionality.

4. Create new tools

Python developers also have other tasks, such as designing tools that can be used to improve the user experience on websites. After knowing the responsibilities, you can look for Python developer opportunities at Glints Jobs.

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