Top 16 Qualities of a Good Manager and a Leader

Leadership has several vital functions for the success of an organization. One way is to provide a vision for the company. Leaders must explain the vision, and the work employees must do to achieve it.

Leaders must inspire and motivate teams and coordinate personal actions for collective progress.

According to Sulaksana (2002), leaders have a role in the organization, such as helping groups achieve goals, enabling members to meet needs, and realizing group values.

Other roles of the leader include being a facilitator who can resolve group conflicts and represent the opinions of group members when interacting with leaders in other groups.

Leadership is essential to the success of an organization because it provides guidance and goals and helps others understand the long-term strategy and goals of the business.

Good leaders can guide team members in the actions they take. Leaders also serve as role models for the people they lead, motivating them and supporting and facilitating communication between team members.

In business, good leadership will bring long-term success with high morale. The importance of leadership in society should be considered. Good leaders will help form a positive attitude, promote harmony and facilitate maximum productivity for everyone.

1. A good leader has an attitude that is not ‘eccentric.’

Being a leader means that you will be someone who will constantly interact with other people with various characteristics, both at work and outside of work.

One of the most critical judgments in a leader is about his ethics.

That is why no matter how innovative your leader is, you will not be seen as a good leader in other people’s eyes if your ethics always deviate from the etiquette that applies in an organization, from honesty, behavior, and courage to respond.

2. Good leaders are open to listening to other people’s input and are critical

No one is perfect in this world, and neither is a leader. Every idea and idea issued definitely requires criticism and suggestions from others.

For this reason, you must always be open to any input from others. However, that does not mean that every input must be accepted raw.

It is necessary to carry out a process so that this input can be used as a material that can improve the quality of the ideas you have communicated. The better your idea, the higher the company will compensate you.

3. Good leaders have mutually beneficial relationships with others

Think again about how best to have relationships with other people that are mutually beneficial.

Because other people will always see what benefits they can get if they are under your leadership, whether in the form of material, knowledge, or other things.

It won’t be easy if you consistently provide information about ideas and ideas to others that will only benefit you.They may accept it for a while, but you are not a good leader.

4. Good leaders always learn from their surroundings

Being a leader does not always have to have a position. You can get that from what you have given to your group. You can achieve everything because you can read the environment well and have communicated well with the team.

So, your existence can offer the best solution to solving every problem.

5. Good leaders have broad insights and never stop learning

Want to be a leader in an organization somewhere? Read fewer books that only focus on the field you work in the organization, and be open to reading books of other knowledge.

This will broaden your horizons. So, every communication between you and others will always go well. The more open your mind is to other knowledge, the easier it will be for you to find solutions to a problem.

6. Good leaders stand out from others

Once again, you can immediately get a position to stand out as a leader. Everything will move, and it will be seen that you are the group’s leader.

The key is to be active and position yourself as a team player in the group. As mentioned in research from the Center for Creative Leadership, a company or organization will always look for superior individuals who are collaborative and reliable in a team to serve as leaders.

7. A good leader does not cover up his mistakes

Only people with big hearts can be leaders. Because being a leader is more challenging than you might think.

It takes a solid mentality to dare to bear the shame and sin for every mistake that has been made.

Other people will have less respect for you as a leader if one day there is a problem that you cover up yourself and throw at other people.

Really don’t ever do this one thing because it will be a very painful boomerang.

8. A good leader never forgets to give appreciation for the achievements of others, especially subordinates

Compliments are words that people look forward to for the achievements they have made, especially praise from the leadership. Therefore, be a leader who always remembers the achievements of your subordinates.


Because every compliment made by a leader will be a whip for anyone to be more enthusiastic and solid in an organization or group, whether in good or bad circumstances.

So that employee performance will always lead in a positive direction.

A study conducted in 2015 regarding why employees left work found that 50% of 7,200 people resigned because they felt they were not needed by their bosses.

Therefore, always pay attention to them and give more enthusiasm so that your team always has human resources. The reason employees resign because of lousy leadership does look simple, and many people know.

However, many still do. Therefore, the 9th tip is needed to control it.

9. Good leaders have high emotional intelligence

Few people know that being a leader is more than just being the most intelligent person in various fields within a company and organization.

The book “Leaders Eat Last” mentions that leaders will get higher respect if they can regulate their emotional rhythms towards their subordinates, both in matters of work and personal lives.

10. Good leaders rarely appear to doubt

One day, you, as a leader, will have a problem with a high level of risk.

Learn how to speak and body language so that you still look professional and don’t hesitate to make a decision.

Go and drink a cup of black coffee or a glass of water to neutralize the worry, and make a wise decision immediately.

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