Top 12 Social Media Specialist Skills You Need in 2023

To increase brand awareness and traffic, entrepreneurs or individuals are trying to do business online. Of course, by exploring online business, business people must develop an online marketing strategy.

Today’s significant increase in internet users has made digital marketing a powerful weapon for marketing products.

One of the ways that now produces quite a lot of conversions in digital marketing is social media marketing.

To do social media marketing, you need social media for your business. Then, do you already know the meaning of social media marketing? In this article, we will explain in more detail the skills required of social media marketing roles.

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media and websites for marketing a business’s products or services through paid and organic means.

This marketing can interact directly with customers, resolve questions and complaints, announce new products and services, get feedback and recommendations, and build customer communities.

Social media marketing will involve several activities, such as building a presence on social networks, spreading brand awareness, engaging customers through uploaded content, increasing ROI (Return on Investment) conversions, driving website traffic, and so on.

Choosing a social media marketing platform is also essential. This is because it relates to the suitability of the target market that has been made. Thus, the success of the marketing strategy that has been created will be associated with the social media marketing platform used.

Business development requires intense data analysis from social media marketing. Data analysis was carried out, such as engagement and reach coverage analysis, target market, and so on. It would be nice to run social media marketing to integrate extensive data management.

Who Is Social Media Specialist?

The social media specialist is a position that focuses on creating creative and engaging digital content for specific company social media platforms.

They do this to increase brand awareness, strengthen marketing efforts, and drive sales figures.

Social media specialists create content on more than 1 type of social media, you know! They must understand how to adjust the same content but apply it to every kind of social media.

Why is that? This is because each social media platform has different characteristics. For example, Instagram content can be used on something other than Twitter and Facebook.

This content must be ‘dissected’ in such a way as to adapt the characteristics of each social media to make it more effective.

A social media specialist will work closely with the digital marketing team to share ideas on how social media marketing strategies work on social media.

Apart from that, they will also think about how to create brand awareness and also increase engagement. Every result of the work of people who have a career in this position will be accountable to the social media manager.

They will first evaluate whether the content is worth broadcasting and provide input on the results that have been worked on.

Social Media Specialist  Skills

Being a social media marketer has a little different from other jobs.

Several other jobs can be previously studied at school or in lectures. Still, currently, universities only partially teach material for learning about social media.

Therefore, the opportunity to fill this position is open to everyone, as long as they have the following abilities.

1. Social media fluency

A social media specialist must have a high interest in using social media. They also have to know the various social media users use.

People in this position definitely need to be more active in technology. They must be willing to keep abreast of its developments continuously. They should also be sensitive to trends such as hashtags or popular content.

2. Communication skills

Even working behind the scenes, a social media specialist must have the ability to communicate. This includes writing, editing, storytelling, SEO, and presentations.

Communication in social media is unique. You must build good relationships in terms of writing and create closeness virtually, even without face-to-face.

3. Knowledge of the necessary tools

In becoming a social media specialist, you will be faced with various tools to make your job easier. For example, the device that needs to be mastered is Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts.

Apart from that, you also have to master various useful analytical tools for monitoring social media developments.

4. Computer skills and design

A social media specialist must have a basic understanding of computers and design. This computer skill includes proficiency in WordPress or Blogger.

Not only that, but the visual taste is also a must for people working in this field because they work closely with the design team.

5. Ability to think quickly

As we experience every day, phenomena and trends on social media move very fast. It appears quickly and quickly disappears.

Therefore, apart from being sensitive, a social media specialist must also be able to think quickly to apply trends with relevant content. Keep the content you create in style so that it becomes more varied and updated.

6. Time management skills

There are so many things that must be done by people who are in this position. Starting from replying to emails to revising the content plan every month.

It could also be that a social media specialist takes care of more than 1 brand account, not to mention various social media assets for each brand.

They also have a variety of jobs ranging from posting, creating campaigns, revising content, and revising designs, to editing.

Well, management is needed in this job. You have to be wise to make priorities which must be done first.

Social Media Marketer Responsibilities

A Social Media Specialist is required to have soft skills and hard skills. You can learn some of the skills below on your own, but there are also skills that need training or courses.

1. Ability to master various social media channels.

2. Have good communication skills.

3. Ability in writing and storytelling.

4. Ability to perform data analysis.

5. Sensitivity to aesthetics is solid and capable of determining
design as attractive as possible.

6.Proficient in English.

7. Understand the use of various tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Google Analytics, Illustrator, and others.

8. Can make plans and have good time management.

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