Top 10 Humanoid Robots: Most Intelligence!

Humanoid robot are currently present during human life, and the sophistication of today’s robot technology makes many companies innovate to develop sophistication in their companies.

The rapid and profound technical progress of robotics or AI in recent years has made it increasingly clear that this is a solution for our lives, including facilitating human work because systems regulate robots, so they will not get tired.

With AI technology, as is known, a robot can be made that can perform a task or work like a human, one of which is a humanoid robot that has instincts so that it can be invited out on a date.

A humanoid robot is a robot built in the human form which performs programmed tasks. It does what humans do but with great speed and efficiency. This type of robot has human-like features.

Some of today’s humanoid robots can even interact like humans too. So what kind of robot is meant? So, for more details, please see below.


ASIMO is a humanoid robot shaped like an astronaut that was successfully created by one of the giant companies from Japan, Honda.

The ASIMO project itself is known to require a reasonably long process, starting from 1986 until it was successfully released in 2000.

Since its first appearance, ASIMO has stolen the world’s attention because of its extraordinary abilities.

Besides being able to talk, this 120 cm tall and 45 cm wide robot is known to perform several movements, such as walking, climbing and descending stairs, running, avoiding collisions, and even moving independently without having to be operated by humans.

2. Sophia

Sophia is one of the advanced robots with artificial intelligence. This humanoid robot was first launched in 2016 by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics.

Sophia is a female humanoid robot with the ability to communicate. Besides speaking, he can also show various facial expressions like humans.

Sophia’s face is made based on the figure of a famous artist quite old, namely Audrey Hepburn. Sophia is claimed to be a robot that can help humans, especially the elderly who have disabilities. Sophia herself is the only robot to have citizenship from Saudi Arabia.

3. Pepper

The next most advanced robot in the world comes from the COURSES company in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics. This artificial intelligence robot was first introduced in Tokyo in 2014.

This robot makes it possible to communicate. This robot is also programmed to be able to understand human emotions.

Because of this ability, Pepper has been widely used to assist services in various companies. I am starting from hospitals, shopping centers, banks, and airports. Until 2018, Pepper has sold 12,000 units to different European countries. Pepper becomes one of the robots employed to help humans.

4. Aibo

Aibo is one of the most advanced robots that has caught the world’s attention. Apart from its cute shape, this pet puppy-shaped robot has superior artificial intelligence.

The Sony company first introduced Aibo in 1999. This robot is known to be able to show various emotions.

As well as being programmed to have instincts, the Aibo can be trained through acts of communication, allowing its owner to form unique behavior patterns. Since its first release, this robot has become one of the most popular. The price for each type of unit is pretty high, around 26-100 million rupiah.

5. Walker

The next most advanced robot is named Walker. Walker is a humanoid service robot created by China-based company UBTECH Robotics. Even though it is relatively new, the company can steal the public’s attention thanks to the technology it initiated. This was proven by its success in being entered as a finalist for The Best of CES in 2019.

CES is an annual technology event that is exceptionally influential on technological developments. As a humanoid service robot, Walker is known to be able to help and facilitate various daily human activities. He is also programmed to be able to communicate and do multiple household chores on command.

6. Sanbot

Sanbot is a humanoid service robot developed by QIHAN Technology, China. QIHAN is a company that focuses on developing robotic technology, artificial intelligence, and video analysis. Sanbot is an AI-based robot capable of performing various functions.

Because of this ability, Sanbot is considered capable of supporting various activities in several fields of work. From retail, education, healthcare, and security to customer-oriented industries that want to deliver intelligent and personalized service.

7. Toyota THR3

A leading company, Toyota, successfully developed the following advanced robot. THR3 is a third-generation robot with artificial intelligence. This robot is used to help meet human needs.

After successfully demonstrating his ability to play lego and musical instruments in the previous generation, Toyota is again stealing the attention by launching a robot with the latest, more innovative technology.

THR3 is an artificial intelligence robot equipped with a sophisticated synchronization technology system that humans can operate using a Virtual Reality headset.

8. Samsung Ballie

At the CES exhibition held in 2020, Samsung managed to attract the public’s attention with one of its unique spherical robots called the Samsung Ballie. This artificial intelligence robot was created to help with activities at home. Ballie is equipped with cameras and sensors that can detect situations in the house.

In addition, this robot can also command several other machines, such as a vacuum cleaner, when it detects dirt on the floor and turns on the television. Another exciting thing about the Ballie robot is that it can follow its owner while walking. Although the appearance is quite simple, this robot’s ability is extraordinary.

9. Alpha Dog

AlphaDog is a dog-shaped robot that can be a human friend. The robot developed by WEILAND is equipped with various advanced technology systems such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, Autonomous Driving, Swarm Intelligence, and 5G. AlphaDog itself is one of the robots that can run up to a speed of 3 meters per second.

In addition, this robot can also perform various movements like a natural dog. Such as walking forward and backward, jumping, climbing, turning, moving over uneven ground, performing multiple complex actions such as guarding the house, helping the blind, sending packages, and even carrying out special rescue missions.

10. Erica

Another humanoid robot that is no less sophisticated is Erica. Doctor Hiroshi Ishiguro, a talented scientist from the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Japan, developed this intelligent robot. Apart from being equipped with artificial intelligence, Erica herself appears pretty charming.

Erica is known to have appeared as a television news anchor broadcast by a Japanese TV station. His ability to study and speak has attracted the attention of many parties. One of them is a film production house from the United States, Bandit Media Capital, which is interested in involving Erica in one of his films.

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