12 Ways to Make Money from TikTok 2023

Many people are now starting to successfully make money from TikTok, and some also consider it their main job. For those of you who are interested in trying, but are still confused about how to get started, you should check out the following ways to earn money from TikTok, let’s go.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app where you can share videos of any length or 15 seconds with each other. Video content uploaded to the TikTok application can cover any topic, making it easier for users or users.

Since its launch, the popularity of the TikTok application has continued to grow rapidly to this day. In October 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded or downloaded photo and video application by Apple users globally.

It is known that until today TikTok has managed to collect more than 500 million monthly active users and the United States is the most popular country to download it because it has reached 80 million times.

How to Earn Money from TikTok

However, it is not only an application to share short videos, but can also help you to earn money from the internet.

As with other social media applications, this can also be a promising source of income if you know how to earn money from TikTok properly.

How to Earn Money from TikTok

You will really need creativity in creating content, if you want to make money from TikTok. It has also been mentioned before, that many creators or users have succeeded in achieving financial success through the TikTok application.

This is because today’s social media channels offer huge monetization opportunities. And there are many ways to earn money from TikTok for beginners. For those of you who are interested in trying it, here are some ways to earn money from TikTok:

1. Join the TikTok Creator Fund

The TikTok Creator Fund will reward content creators for successfully making interesting and popular videos on the TikTok platform with a large number of viewers . 

How to get money by joining the TikTok Creator Fund , you must first follow some terms and conditions such as:

  • Must be 18 years and over.
  • Have officially become a resident of one of the 50 countries listed on TikTok.
  • Has 10 thousand more genuine followers .
  • Get 100 thousand views in the last 30 days.
  • Post original videos according to TikTok community guidelines.

2. Selling Products on the TikTok App

The next way to get money from TikTok can be by selling certain products. Especially for those of you with a large number of followers , this can be an opportunity to sell products so that there are more buyers.

Through the TikTok application you can share photos or video reviews or selling products to users. Even the products sold can be varied such as clothes, bags, shoes, hampers and others.

3. Create Sponsored Content 

Another way to earn money from TikTok is by creating sponsored content . As a social media influencer , you can work with certain brands and create sponsored content posts . 

By using sponsored content , you and the brand can both benefit. Through sponsored content , it can also help promote the products and services of the brand so that it is known to the public more quickly.

4. TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads can also be one way to earn money from TikTok. Through these Ads , the business products or services that you offer through TikTok can reach more customers.

You can start making money through TikTok For Business by using in-feed video ads , hashtags, brand takeovers , and branded effects to help generate good ad revenue.

TikTok Ads

5. Receive Virtual Gifts

Users or TikTok users can buy gifts and coins from their profile. Then, you can give the coin as a virtual gift to your favorite TikTok  creator .

This is also one way to earn money from TikTok, where content creators get rewards directly and can be exchanged for real money.

6. Build and Sell TikTok Account

As we know, that a lot of businesses are starting to venture into promotions through TikTok, right?

But unfortunately building a TikTok account from scratch will certainly take a long time to get a lot of followers so that it can have an impact on promotions.

In this case, you can help business people by getting followers organically along certain niches by selling the TikTok account that you have successfully built.

In addition to selling accounts, other ways to earn money from TikTok can also offer services to manage business content strategies, help increase follower engagement on a regular basis, and upload regular content.

7. Managing Campaigns for Influencers

You can also manage campaigns for influencers as a way to earn money from TikTok. In managing this, you act as an intermediary between TikTok creators and certain brands that are invited to collaborate.  

So, in simple terms, you will help a brand stay connected with TikTok influencers and ensure that campaign activities run successfully until the payment or fee process.

8. Management Service

You can also earn money from TikTok by offering management services for content creators . Here you can provide services to help strategize content such as meeting production goals, taking advantage of offers, and helping increase followers .

9. Sharing Affiliate Links

You can participate in affiliate programs and later share links in the descriptions of TikTok posts. Alternatively, you can also embed an affiliate link in your bio profile as a way to earn money from TikTok.

10. Promote Music

Not only sharing photos and videos, by promoting music you can also earn money from TikTok. How to make money from TikTok by promoting music is also quite easy to do.

The trick is to enter certain music that you want to promote into the video, then post it to share with followers and after that you can immediately get paid for it. .

11. Become a Brand Ambassador

A business brand will always look for influencers who can help attract the attention of customers to see and even buy their products and services.

As a brand ambassador , you can help improve and introduce certain business brands on social media, spread information and get lots of sales.

Besides being paid, you as a brand ambassador can also easily expand your professional network or new scope in the business world.

tiktok influencer

12. Join the TikTok Creator Marketplace

The ultimate way to earn money from TikTok is by joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace . The goal is to be able to work with certain brands or sponsors. In this case, you just need to mention their product or service in the video.

To qualify, also make sure you have at least one hundred thousand followers equipped with analytical tools for businesses that help identify engagement reach , views, and demographics. 

Tips for Creating Content on TikTok

In addition to the several ways to earn money from TikTok above, you should also pay attention to the content posted.

Make sure that your content is interesting for TikTok users to watch, so you can get a lot of viewers to make money. Here are some tips for creating content on TikTok to make money successfully:

1. Find the Right Niche

12 Ways to Make Money from TikTok 2023

The first step, make sure you have determined the right niche for the content created. Make sure you do your research first, so you can produce interesting content according to the interests and needs of the audience.

2. Create authentic TikTok content

The point of being authentic here is to create content that is genuine and trustworthy by TikTok users. Especially for those of you who create sponsored content . Make sure that the product you are promoting is not only for business needs, but also according to your interests and needs.

3. Be Transparent

You must also clearly convey the terms and conditions of the product or service being promoted. Moreover, sponsored content , make sure to always be careful with the information shared so that there are no misunderstandings.

4. Make Interesting Video  Hooks

Hook is what you say in the first 5-6 seconds of a TikTik video. Most people tend to swipe TikTok videos so quickly that they decide to watch the 5 seconds at the beginning of the video.

If they find it interesting, they will continue it until it is finished. But if they find it boring or not according to their interests, they will immediately swipe and see other videos.

How to make money from TikTok is quite easy, isn’t it?

So, how to make money from TikTok is not just selling products or services, you can also offer several other services such as managing accounts, creating content strategies, sponsored content , sharing affiliate links, joining the TikTok Creator Fund or TikTok Creator Marketplace .

Also make sure that the content you create is authentic, transparent, has an interesting hook and is able to determine the right niche . With some of the ways to earn money from TikTok above, you can do it yourself easily. Come on, try it now and get ready to get a lot of benefits!