2 Basic Skills You Must Have If You Want a Career as an Android Developer

Work in a technology company or startup is now increasingly becoming the prima donna for the younger generation, especially those who have just graduated from college.

There are many technology-related positions that are usually offered by tech companies or startup when opening job vacancies.

One of the positions that is usually opened is developer (developer), especially application developer for Android devices.

Well, to be Android Developer itself, according to Rico Harisin (Head of Engineering Tokopedia) there are two basics skill (basic skills) that must be possessed.

“First, Android Developerit must have a good knowledge of algorithms, programming, and data structures. Usually companies want to know if they (prospective employees) have very solid knowledge in that area, “said Rico in the Virtual Media Briefing: Digital Android Innovation.Tokopedia, some time ago.

While the second skill, which is related to problem solving abilities (solving problems). “We will usually see first how he knows the problems that occur, find solutions to those problems, and how he steps to solve them,” said Rico.

In Tokopedia itself, Rico revealed that when the marketplace company recruited new Android Developers, the two basic skills were his concerns.

“So, those two skills are really very important foundations and also become our assessment to determine whether he is in accordance with our criteria to join the team or not,” said Rico.