Apart from Xiaomi, now POCO Global is an independent smartphone brand

POCO Global officially announced that it has become an independent and detached brand from Xiaomi.

POCO Global announced it on its official Twitter account as well as some of its accomplishments and brand promises.

Currently POCOhas entered more than 35 global markets in a span of three years. Some of these markets include India, UK, Spain and Italy.

POCO also mentioned his first smartphone, POCO F1, achieved more than 2.2 million shipments according to data from the internal sales team and Canalys.

POCO also revealed that it has sold more than 6 million smartphones globally. POCO indeed did not launch his second smartphone until earlier this year after its release POCOF1 in 2018, and the number 6 million does sound small. However, this is a very competitive market.

The Chinese manufacturer said it would stick to its three brand promises, namely technology that is important, product design based on feedback, and continues to grow, as quoted by Gizmochina.

Now POCO officially become an independent brand and will not adopt a Redmi smartphone in the future but rather a truly original designed smartphone.

Also expected to develop other products such as portable battery packs and useful devices, perhaps POCO Pop Buds.

Previously, plan POCO Xiaomi India CEO Manu Kumar Jain said it to be an independent brand in January 2020.

“POCO will now be an independent brand, “Jain tweeted at the time.