Entrust Presents Safe Solution to Print Identity Cards from Anywhere

Entrust Presents Safe Solution to Print Identity Cards from Anywhere

Entrust today (16/11) announced the presence of the Sigma Instant Desktop Issuance solution, a manufacturing solution identity card innovative direct-to-card to create identity card physical and digital instantly.

Designed for implementation in the cloud as well as on-premise servers, Sigma solutions can be utilized by companies, government offices, higher education institutions, and financial institutions.

The pandemic presents many security challenges for companies, from having to transition operational activities to a digital platform to anticipating / addressing growing cyber threats around the world. One of the efforts made by the company is to protect data that is scattered in the company environment, including data stored in the companyidentity card physical.

In dealing with Identity and Access Management, companies need a printing solution identity card which is not only easy to integrate into operational activities, but can also be continuously developed so that it can meet the growing needs of the company, and ensure data is truly secure.

The Sigma system responds to this challenge by providing manufacturing processing capabilities identity cardthrough printing from desktop computers, smartphones, or tablet computers. It takes less than 30 minutes to start printingidentity card.

Equipped with a cloud-based API, Sigma allows operating the manufacturing system identity card in the cloud without the user having to install hardware and be able to print identity card, badges, and physical payment cards instantly. With capabilities, such as tactile impressions, holographic, and luster panel printing, Sigma printers will make it harder for counterfeiters to modify or duplicateidentity card. In addition, features such as inline magnetic stripe and smart card encoding can secure your card during the card printing process.

“With the Sigma platform, we are proud to be able to provide manufacturing solutions identity cardthrough best-in-class desktops. Sigma is designed to work completely in a cloud and secure environment. With the Sigma platform, financial institutions, companies, government offices, higher education institutions and health services can meet the demand for manufacturingidentity cardwhose volume is very large without sacrificing security aspects or ease of use. The Sigma system is ready to meet a variety of manufacturing needsidentity card today and, last but not least, the Sigma system will continue to be developed to address the security and technology challenges of the future with limitless printing applications, “said Tony Ball, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Instant Issuance, Entrust.

The Sigma system offers security features that can keep data protected at every step of the manufacturing process identity card:

  • Encrypted connection: The connection and data sent between the software and the printer are secure and encrypted. Sigma printers do not store customer data after the printing process is complete.
  • Secure Boot: This feature prevents the Sigma system from booting when malware or other security threats are detected.
  • Trusted platform module (TPM): Organizations / companies can store and manage certificates and user security keys inside the printer. This makes the printer a trusted Internet of things (IoT) device.
  • The Sigma system also offers capabilities that make it easier for companies to apply a hybrid way of working (alternating between working at home and at the office).

The Sigma system Dashboard printer is available on smartphone or tablet devices. Thus, various organizations / companies can manage printers from anywhere, without having to be connected to a desktop.

With the Sigma system, companies can also shift to manufacturing processes identity cardcontactless, from sending photos online to validating photos, printing cards, and finally sending these cards to employees. Additionally, Sigma solutions for manufacturingidentity cardon-premises equipped with a registration function from a smartphone or tablet device. Thus, the manufacturing processidentity card can be more flexible because it can be done in several locations in one facility.

The Sigma system uses intelligent Instant ID technology to simplify the printing process and eliminate manual workflows. Thus, the manufacturing processidentity card be simpler, safer and more flexible.

“Solution EntrustSigma is browser-based and can be operated via a smartphone or tablet device, and can be used without installing heavy hardware. Built-in certificate-based security features can solve any worries you need to printidentity card via the cloud or because your printing solution is vulnerable to security attacks on the network, “concludes Joe Franco, Director of Sales, Capture Technologies, channel partner Entrust.