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How to Choose Blog Niche

Personally, I often suggest choosing niches based on interests or hobbies. Why is that? Of course there are several reasons.

The first reason is from a technical point of view, it will be easier for us to manage a blog that is topic-wise, we really understand the topic we are working on. For example, if we like fishing, of course we really know what kind of articles to present to readers.

Unlike people who only rely on articles from rewrite results or just buy from a writer service provider and then publish immediately.

It’s not wrong to buy articles or rewrites from other articles, but make sure that the articles are really appropriate.

Suppose, for example, you visit a blog about SEO whose content is rewritten vs. blogs whose articles are rich in this blog (based on my thoughts and experiences as a writer), when you read what is on your mind? Do you understand what I mean?

The second reason is non-technical. When building a blog according to our interests or hobbies, in the general mindset we will tend to be more enthusiastic about sharing than just looking for money.

I wrote just for fun, I just wanted to do my hobby, I hope I got money from our hobby. Yes, just like this blog, I also don’t even understand whether this blog will make money for me, I just do my writing hobby.

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