Lack of New Features, Causes Global Smartphone Sales to Drop

Market research firm Gartner recently opened a report smartphone sales global in the third quarter of 2020.

Total smartphone sales the world reached 366 million units, or decreased 5.7 percent in that period compared to the same period last year.

Smartphone sales The sluggishness was not only caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the features offered by smartphone vendors were less able to arouse market excitement.

“The various features offered are considered insufficient to encourage consumers to buy a new smartphone. The features are ‘just like that’.” call TechCrunch.

Currently customers in the world feel that offering 5G features is not necessary because the 5G network is not evenly distributed throughout the world, especially in a number of developing countries, including Indonesia.

“If the 5G roadmap is looked at more broadly, the commercialization of 5G connectivity is arguably uneven and consumers in general are still not sure whether they need it,” added TechCrunch.

Starting to recover. Back again to the Gartner report earlier, though smartphone sales Q3 2020 fell 5.7 percent, this figure is actually less than Q2 2020 which recorded a 20 percent decrease in unit shipments (compared to Q2 2019).

This suggests that the smartphone industry is likely to slowly recover. The smartphone market recovery is beginning to be seen in several countries, such as in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions.

Almost normal conditions in China are also said to be able to fill the void in component supply for smartphone production in Q3 2020.

Moreover, the Gartner report also states that cellphone sales in the three largest countries for the smartphone market, namely India, Indonesia and Brazil, have both increased for the first time this year.

Smartphone sales in India it was recorded an increase of 9.3 percent, Indonesia 8.5 percent, and Brazil 3.3 percent in Q3 2020.