Top 10 Quran Application for Android & PC

Those of you who want to always read the Qur’an or want to memorize it are now very easy. In modern times like today, you can use the Al Quran application which can be used on various gadgets such as on Android phones or on PCs.

With this convenience, of course, you will be very easy if you want to read and memorize the Quran wherever and whenever you want. Therefore, if you want to read the Qur’an, this article will provide a list of 10 Quran applications that can accompany you in worship.

List of 10 Quran Apps for Android and PC

1. Al Qur’an Mushaf Medina

The first application for PC that you can use is Al Quran Mushaf Madinah. This voice application is designed for PC which will make it easier for readers to worship and increase their faith.

This application also has the advantage of searching for the lafadz of the Quran that you want to find in Arabic. Then the application will display your search results accordingly and quickly.


2. Verse KSU (King Saud University)

Applications you can useNext is the KSU verse which has good enough quality to help Muslims read the Quran in digital form. This is of course not without reason why this application is one of the best because this application is equipped with 20 languages ​​including Indonesian.

The good thing about this application is that there are two options, offline and online, you can choose one of them. This application is also available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS smartphones.


3. Al Quran – Read & Listen Quran

If you want to read the Quran using an Android phone, you can use My Quran and its translation which has a design that is quite simple and easy to read.

In this application there are also many features that can be used to search for verses and users can save the last letter that has been read as a marker.


4. The Holy Quran

Then another Al Quran application that you can use is The Holy Quran . This application is quite interesting and has many features that will certainly make its users comfortable. With features such as 20 Indonesian translation languages ​​available in this one application.

Not only that, because you can also search for the verse you want to find. In this application, you can get two languages ​​recorded in the translation, namely Arabic and Urdu.


5. Quran for Android

Another application is Quran for Android. This Al Quran application will greatly help users to read the verses of the Quran with various features that are quite complete.

Here, you can also change the night mode and also available subtitles in 20 different languages. With these advantages, it will certainly make it easier for readers to read the Qur’an.


6. MyQuran Indonesia

This one application is quite unique because it comes from our own beloved country. This one digital al quran application can also make a sound to listen to the recitation of the quran. It doesn’t stop there because this application also has an elegant and beautiful design that will make the readers comfortable.

It also provides several features such as colored recitation and is equipped with Indonesian translation. In addition, there is a feature to set a schedule that aims to remind you to read the Quran .


7. Dhikr & Dua – Quran & Sunnah

The next application is Dhikr & Dua – Quran & Sunnah, this one application is quite interesting because it provides various kinds of translations into different languages.

In addition, the full features of the application also make it more convenient for users to install the application on their PC. The interesting thing about this application is the availability of well-known Qoris to be able to hear their voices.


8. Myquran International PRO

Although this application is paid, this application for Android is also made very comfortable when reading the Qur’an.

This one application does present a very complete verse of the holy Qur’an along with their translation. This application is also quite simple but still attractive so that it makes users comfortable.


9. The Quran Explorer

The best the quran application for PC this one is already very popular and is the same as the previous application that makes it easy for Muslims to read the holy book al quran.

Even so, this application is only available in English and you don’t need to worry because it will make it easier for you to read the Quran .


10. Al-Quran Al-Hadi

The last application that you can use is the Qur’an al-Hadi. This application for android has full features and is in accordance with existing translations.

In addition, this application also provides a feature where users are able to study the contents of the Qur’an in a structured manner with a broad scheme.


Benefits of Reading the Qur’an

After you already know some applications to read the Koran on an Android phone or laptop, here are some of the benefits of reading the Koran quoted from Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki in the book Abwâbul Faraj, Dârul Kutub al-Ilmiyyah, Beirut, 1971, page 73.

  1. They are recognized as the family of Allah (ahlullah) and their chosen privileges.
  2. People who are proficient in reading the Qur’an are placed with recording angels who are obedient to Allah who always does good.
  3. Al-Qur’an is a dish from Allah subhanahuwa ta’alâ. Anyone who enters there will be guaranteed security.
  4. The house made for reciting the Qur’an will be attended by angels. Residents of the house will feel that the house becomes spacious.
  5. The house where the Qur’an is recited will illuminate the inhabitants of the sky.
  6. Reading the Qur’an has many benefits.
  7. By reading the Qur’an, people will become good.
  8. Reading the Qur’an can be a medicine for the heart.
  9. Reading the Qur’an can be beneficial for both the person who reads it and his parents.
  10. Readers of the Qur’an will not be horrified at the urgency of the Day of Judgment.
  11. Al-Qur’an will give intercession (help) to its experts (people who used to read it)
  12. People who read the Qur’an, on the Day of Resurrection, his rank will always rise to the top places.
  13. Reading the Qur’an can blow a fragrant aroma to the listeners and spread the smell of musk oil. Even though it’s natural

It’s amazing the benefits of reading the Koran that we will get. So, with this article there is no longer any reason not to read the Quran. Because now we can read the Koran through Android and iOS smartphone devices.

The ease of reading the Koran digitally like using an Android cellphone or laptop is very useful for us. Moreover, there is a feature to clearly understand what the contents of the Qur’an are which will make us understand better what it means.

Well, that’s the 10 best Al Quran Applications that you can use on your Android or PC. With the quality of the features available in it, of course you will feel comfortable when reading the Koran even though it is in digital form.