Smart Phone – Stupid User

Today the need for the internet has almost become a basic necessity in communicating. Especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the work from home policy for workers and online learning for school children made cell phones or smart phones a kind of device that seemed obligatory to have.

In the midst of the many smart phones circulating in society today, there are two market leaders who dominate the market: between smart phones that use the iOS operating system, namely the iPhone and Android.

Like Yamaha and Honda, or BMW and Toyota in automotive, the two operating systems have their own user bases. Likewise with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In terms of users, Android is currently far superior to iPhone. Reported by, March 20, 2020, the operating system made by Google controls a market share of around 73.3 percent. Far from the iPhone which is only around 25.89 percent.

Another advantage is that Android does not limit itself to smartphones only produced by Google. The operating system can be used on various smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Asus and so on. Unlike iOS, which can only be used on Apple products .

Android is also integrated with the largest search engine currently, Google, with various other services, such as Youtube, Gmail, and Google Drive and Google Asistan. Meanwhile on the iPhone, the personal email has to be added manually.

Meanwhile, the iPhone also has its own advantages. The first is in terms of branding that seems exclusive and cool. This smartphone has become a kind of prestige for its users. If metaforakan with automotive, against Android like BMW versus Toyota roughly.

In addition, the iPhone is also safer because of Apple’s tight supervision of the applications on the smartphone. In terms of security, the iPhone is known to be safer than Android.

Another advantage is the processor performance. When compared to phones -ponsel Android, iPhone always superior speed performance.

Next up is the camera problem. Even though the camera pixels of smartphones using Android may be bigger, in terms of results, the camera embedded in the iPhone makes a better output.

Apart from the camera, another advantage of the iPhone is the durability of the device. Iphone is generally considered to be more durable and durable than Android. An iPhone product will usually always be able to update the latest iOS for five years. Unlike Android, sometimes not all devices can receive software updates from them.

Then which one is superior?

Both have their respective advantages. The iPhone has the advantage of exclusivity, hardware, security, and compatibility between the operating system and the smartphone because their operating system is designed specifically for the iPhone. But in terms of price it is usually higher.

While Android is superior in terms of the number of user market shares, the number of smartphones that use it, integration with Google as the largest search engine and applications under its umbrella, and software sophistication. Another advantage is that it is friendlier in terms of price.

Choosing iPhone or Android according to the author depends on the goals of each user. If you want exclusivity, security, reliable hardware, and are used to working in the Apple ecosystem, then the iPhone is the choice.

But if you want software sophistication, a friendlier price and are used to working with Google and the apps under it then Android is a more suitable choice.

So the iPhone or Android all depends on the user on the purpose and function and the smartphone he wants to have. All options are of course good for their own needs and circumstances.

What is not good and needs to be avoided is the phenomenon of smart phone-stupid users. This means that the phone is sophisticated but the user is still not smart. One of them is mutual bullying between mobile users with different operating systems for unclear purposes.

The writer got the phrase smart phone-stupid user from a friend who one day visited friends or relatives from afar. The friend or relative gets in the car to visit. On normal count, it should have arrived at the place. But waiting for a long time did not come.

Finally, the relatives or friends who visited arrived after a long wait. It turned out that they were misguided or just kept going when they should have turned off the highway.

This certainly made my friend laugh, because the relatives and friends who visited had a smart phone equipped with GPRS and a map. By understanding the intended address, you should be able to get there easily using maps and online directions. From there the smart phone-stupid user appears and the first time the writer knows him.

Furthermore, the phenomenon of smart phone-stupid users, which is more dangerous, according to the author, has appeared in the digital society recently. People with smart devices but often use them for things that are destructive, harmful or inappropriate.

For example, there are people who die just because they want to take selfies on interesting spots. Or just for the sake of Youtube content dare to prank others in an inappropriate way. Or there is also just for the sake of content to destroy the national emblem.

In addition, there are also those who upload content or comments that invite controversy and divide the community. Or there is also bullying or bullying in cyberspace. Or there are also those who commit racial insults which end in uproar and division.

Smart phones, both Android and iPhone, have made it easier for us to be active and creative in the digital era so far. But the presence of smart devices must be balanced with intelligence and wisdom in attitude.

Smart phone yes, stupid user no way.