Ericsson: 5G Boosts Cellular Telecommunication Operators’ Revenues

Ericsson: 5G Boosts Cellular Telecommunication Operators' Revenues

Ericsson a few days ago shared a number of highlights fromEricsson Mobility Report newest. Ericsson Mobility Reportitself contains various projections and analyzes of the latest trends in the cellular industry. The study uses data from various sources, both from other parties and fromEricsson. According toEricsson, based on Ericsson Mobility Report latest, 5G globally developing rapidly. Development 5G it was faster than 4G in the beginning. Apart from that, ability 5G higher than 4G, allows 5G presents a variety of new usage models, as InfoKomputer conveyed at here. As a result,Ericsson believes 5G can help cellular telecommunication operators to increase their … Read more