19 Best Joomla Templates

Joomla is one of the best CMS platforms for creating websites with various Joomla templates according to your needs.

Unfortunately, the number of Joomla templates provided is quite limited. If the template provided does not match the needs of the website, you can download the Joomla template provided outside the Joomla platform.

Well, in this article, we will provide recommendations for free and paid Joomla templates that you can choose from. Just take a look at the following description.

19+ Best Joomla Templates Recommendations

Here are recommendations for the best Joomla templates that you can try!

1. Virginia

best joomla templates virginia

Virginia is one of the best Joomla templates that you can choose from. This template is designed with a minimalist look that is suitable for corporate websites.

This template is equipped with a parallax effect , which is a scrolling effect that makes the background layer scroll slower than the content in front of it. The website will look more alive.

The features offered are also suitable to support business progress. One of them, integration with Google Maps. With this feature, it will be easier for consumers to know your offline store or business. So, if consumers want to see or try their products directly, they can know the exact location of the store.

Virginia also has a feature to display positive testimonials from your customers. With this feature, your business will look more credible.

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2. Pasta & Ravioli

Pasta Joomla Templates

If you want to create a blog or culinary business website, Pasta & Ravioli can be the choice.

The layout is designed to be able to display large photos with the best quality.

Certainly suitable for displaying your restaurant’s mainstay menu.

In addition, you can freely display a more complete description of each dish. Visitors will be moved to imagine how delicious the menu is based on the selected ingredients used.

In addition, the overall appearance of the website will look more beautiful with the choice of unique and attractive handwritten fonts.

If your business is targeting mobile visitors, this template is one of the best choices. Thanks to bootstrap technology that makes websites responsive, all information and images displayed will look good on mobile devices.

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3. Wegy


Wegy is a Joomla template specially designed for online store websites. You can display all the products in the catalog page that is set up.

In addition, your online store will be more attractive with the integration of VirtueMart . The shopping cart application can make it easier for you to organize product categories and manage stock. This will certainly improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Wegy is built with Bootstrap 4 technology which makes it mobile friendly. Certainly suitable for those of you who want to reach more buyers from gadgets.

In addition, this template is also SEO friendly, you know! That way, your online store website is more likely to appear on the first page of Google. Want more people to know your online store, right? Well, Wegy could be your consideration.

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4. Diving club

Diving Club

Want to create a website related to sports, travel or adventure? Joomla Diving Club template can be an option.

This template is equipped with a parallax effect feature that makes your website background feel more real. Especially if the website displays interesting natural scenery. Of course it will make visitors more impressed, right?

Even so, there is no need to worry if you have to use a lot of photos on your website. This template has a lazy load feature that will maintain its loading speed. Because, not all images will load simultaneously.

Anyway, this template also provides a login option with social media accounts for visitors. So, website visitors do not need to fill out a registration form to register. Just select the account they want, like Google, Facebook and more.

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5. IronMass


You have a website or blog with a sports niche? Use this Joomla template to build a sporty impression.

With a dark design, your website will look more stunning thanks to IronMass. Not to mention if you can create the appearance with the included UI kit feature . The website will certainly be able to stand out from the others.

Another advantage of this Joomla template is the integration of Google Maps to make it easier for visitors to find your business location. In addition, this template also provides a contact form feature that allows visitors to contact you easily.

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6. Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

This plastic surgery template uses a bright and minimalistic look and feel. As the name implies, this template is perfect for websites or blogs about health, beauty, or body care.

This template has a grid tab feature that makes it easier for you to arrange website elements to make it more attractive and user friendly.

In addition, this template is also SEO friendly, so the website can more easily appear on the first page of Google. The template is also designed to be responsive, so it can be accessed from any device with a display that remains proportional.

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7. S2 Business Company

S2 Business Company

The next Joomla template that you can try is the S2 Company Business template.

This template is perfect for a portfolio website or personal website. The layout design is very simple and neat. So, your work or product that is displayed will look more elegant.

In addition, this template is also equipped with a parallax effect feature. The website looks cooler with the transitions between its elements. What’s more, if you add a video display in the background, a row of works as your portfolio will certainly attract more visitors, right?

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8. Ulmus

Ulmus Joomla Templates

Have a furniture or interior design business? You should try Joomla Ulmus as a website template. Not only because the design is able to display a luxurious impression, the features it has can help make the website more functional.

The main page of this template is designed with the image slider feature , so visitors can see various photos of the interior design that you offer.

In addition to the main pages such as About and Contact, this template also provides a blog page. So, you can use it to display articles related to furniture, renovations, and decorating styles.

Of course, it will make it easier for you to build content marketing efforts that can educate clients while carrying out SEO strategies, right?

Not only that, you can also display customer testimonials that are satisfied with your product. So, in the eyes of potential customers, your business will look more trusted.

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9. Xeon

Xeon Templates

Are you looking for free Joomla templates? Xeon could be one of your choices.

This template is built with the Helix 2 framework which will create a lightweight template. As a result, the website becomes faster and more responsive.

Xeon is a Joomla template that uses a one page concept. Of course, this can be the right choice if you want all website pages, from profiles, portfolios, to price tables, to be loaded on one page.

Concepts like this will certainly make it easier for visitors to access all the content on your website.

Although this template is free, it is not inferior to other paid templates.

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10. Perfect Rent

Perfect Rent

You need a great template for your lodging or real estate business? Perfect Rent is one of the best recommendations.

In this template, there is a gallery feature, which can be used to display photos of property buildings, rooms, or other residential areas that are your products. Even with a good layout, all these products can be shown more elegantly.

Not only that, with a testimonial column from users who have used your product, it’s easier to display positive reviews to increase the credibility of your business.

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11. Harvest


Harvest is a Joomla template suitable for restaurant, bakery, or catering websites. Why do you need to try it?

The advantages of this Joomla template can be seen from the template design which is equipped with 10 color choices and custom typography . To beautify the appearance of your restaurant website, it can be done easily.

Not to mention the parallax effect feature that will display a photo background of a delicious-looking dish. This will certainly be able to arouse the taste buds of visitors, right?

Apart from that, this template also provides 50 module positions . This feature allows you to add new positions to add specific features. So, the website will be richer in features and according to your business needs.

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12. Art Gallery

Art Gallery

If you’re looking for a Joomla template to showcase your artwork, Art Gallery is for you!

This template provides various features such as image slider, gallery, and portfolio page to showcase your best work. What’s more, you can install the feedback forms feature to receive criticism or feedback about your work.

Want your work to be easily seen by mobile users? Don’t worry, this template is 100% responsive with HTML5 support and the jQuery Bootstrap framework.

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13. Gerdo


This template is suitable for various types of websites. Good for building blogs, portfolio websites, and business websites.

Gerdo is a Joomla template that integrates with the popular social media, Facebook. So, if you want to build engagement using Facebook, this template is one of the best choices.

This template also provides a Full Screen Slider that you can use to display the best profile photos of your business products. Your photos are guaranteed to look more stand out with this feature.

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14. Median – Advertising Agency


If you have an advertising, media, and other business website, you can download this Joomla template and use it for that website.

This template has a design and layout that makes your agency business website look more eye-catching .

This template is also supported by a parallax effect on every element of the website. So, it will make visitors feel at home for long on your website.

Apart from that, its blog page design is one of the best. So it is suitable for the content marketing strategy that you will run. Even with the ease of embedding YouTube videos, it will be easier to make each content look cool.

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15. Radio Station

19 Best Joomla Templates

Radio station is a Joomla template suitable for radio, television, or concert events websites.

With this template, you can display music, video, or image content. In fact, you can stream radio for your listeners from all over the world.

What’s more, the material design makes your website look more unique, you know. You can use images according to the genre of music displayed on your website.

You can also take advantage of the social option feature so that visitors can comment on and share content on their social media.

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16. Leo Store

Leo Store

Leo Store is a Joomla template used specifically for creating online stores.

The homepage lets you take advantage of image slideshows or brand sliders to display profile photos or business products. In the footer, there is extra space to insert your address or contact information.

This template offers JoomShopping extension which will make your online store website responsive and user friendly. Want to get visitors from multiple devices? No problem. All information and photos displayed will be able to be seen properly.

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17. Jumerix


Jumerix is ​​a multipurpose Joomla template. You can use it for any website, from blogs, online portfolios, or business websites.

If you are a blogger, you will be happy to get a variety of blog display variations that you can choose according to your needs. Well, for business owners, the image slider on the front page will be suitable for displaying the latest or most popular products on your business website.

Oh yes, this template has also been based on AJAX to support a more intuitive website. Various elements on the website can be displayed quickly without making your website visitors wait. This will make the browsing experience more enjoyable, won’t it?

This template also provides a choice of UI Kits and theme colors that make it easier and more flexible for you to edit your website.

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18. Shooter


Want to create a website to display photographic works? Just use the Joomla Shooter templates.

The layout offered is suitable for displaying the photos you have taken. Interestingly, it will be easier for you to manage photos on the website thanks to the RokGallery tool . So, just drag and drop, photos can be arranged neatly.

How does the image display on mobile devices? No need to worry! Your website will be responsive and still look good on mobile devices.

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19. University

University Joomla

As the name suggests, this is free Joomla templates is specifically designed for websites for schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

This template has four menu views that you can choose according to the needs of your school website, namely Megamenu, Split, Dropline, or CSS. You will also get a bonus page for the login page, contact, and more. So, it can be used directly without the need to make it manually first.

Do your visitors use mobile devices a lot? Calm. Your school website is guaranteed to be 100% responsive with this template.

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Which Joomla Template Should You Choose?

Well, those are various Joomla templates that you can choose from. Enough as a recommendation for your website, right?

There are templates that we review that can be used for free or paid. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Some of these templates are designed for certain types of businesses, such as culinary, photography, and radio streaming. However, many are also multipurpose. Whatever type and niche you can make the main template.

Not only from the appearance, we recommend all the Joomla templates above because they have important features such as mobile responsiveness and SEO friendly. So, it can help your website easily become number one on Google.